Tech:travelling with your dslr

Whether going out for the day or going on holiday with your DSLR, this is a checklist of essential and useful photography items to take with you. None of the items are in any particular order, although the importance of the categories is in order.

Note: this is not a complete guide to going on out and about or holiday; for useful TSR Wiki links for that, see the bottom of this article.

The essentials

  • DSLR
  • a lens
  • a battery
  • a memory card
  • DSLR camera bag
  • water bottle with water (yes, not a photography item, but don't go out without water, dehydration is not fun)

Things you really should take

  • spare battery
  • spare memory card
  • multiple lenses or, better, all the lenses you'll want to use
  • lens cleaning cloth or pen

Things to consider money and space permitting

  • lens hood(s)
  • remote shutter release
  • tripod/monopod
  • hot shoe spirit level (like so)
  • flash gun

Especially important on extended trips

  • battery charger
  • small laptop/other storage device
  • copy of your DSLR specs (in case you need to buy replacement equipment whilst away)

Actually, on extended trips, try and take everything you own - better to have it and not use it than want it and not have it.

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