Video adverts


Videos will be set to auto start, with the default volume muted. Volume and player controls to un-mute and adjust sound level will be visible to the user on mouseover. The video will loop continuously until the user leaves the webpage or clicks on the advert.

On the first click, the video will un-mute, allowing the user to hear audio. A second click pauses the video and opens a new browser window directed to a specified target URL. If the Share icon overlay is used, this will appear in the top-right of the video.


Off Site Social Media Engagement

As well as people discussing your organisation on The Student Room, we can also display a “Share” icon overlay on your advert to encourage users to promote your organisation on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

If you would like to include this feature, simply provide us with a link.


Closed Captions

If closed captions are required for screen reader users, this can be implemented. Please provide us with all relevant detail, specifying start and end times for your captions.