The best WD external hard drives of 2019 for smart study storage

Over the course of your entire academic career, you’ll put in a lot of hours of pure study time, you’ll write a lot of papers and you’ll have a lot of research accumulated on your laptop.

Thanks to modern technology, we have online cloud-based storage, which is a nice thing to have but trust us when we say, you’re going to want to have a proper, physical back up of everything as well. You never know when the cloud storage will be inaccessible and having the right external hard drive to keep your study materials on is invaluable.

With that in mind, we’ve partnered up with WD to take a look at their very best external hard drives you can get your hands on right now, so that you’ll never have to be without your work, without having to worry at all.

Better still, WD offers a 15% student discount on its products, which you can access through this link. It’s free to sign up for it, you’ll just need to verify your student status.

As with all kinds of work for a university, it’s best to get into a habit of saving your work often and backing it up almost as often as that. With the right external hard drive by your side at all times, if your work somehow disappears off your laptop, you’ll know a copy of it hasn’t gone very far. But which of these WD drives comes out on top when it comes to the best external hard drive? Let’s take a look at some of our top picks.

Best external hard drives - WD My Passport™ External Hard Drive

Starting things off with one of the best selling WD line of external hard drives to be made in recent years, WD’s My Passport is a portable, durable and reliable external drive. Starting at 1TB for £67.99 and ranging all the way up to 5TB of storage space while still staying small enough to fit inside your pocket, it’s hard to go wrong with the My Passport.

As a nice added bonus, this model is also available in a range of colours if you fancy having something other than a small black rectangle to store all of your files on. WD recommends pairing it up with the WD Backup software and password protection to help keep your files safe, sound and secure.

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Best external hard drives - WD My Passport™ Wireless Pro

If you fancy something a little more technologically advanced, you can opt to go for the My Passport Wireless Pro instead. Like the standard My Passport, you’ll be getting a decent range of storage space options - in this case, 1TB to 4TB, beginning at £149.99 - only this time you’ll have that added bonus of not having to worry about cables.

The My Passport Wireless Pro features built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi tech which allows you to access your files and even stream video and images directly from the drive, all without having to actually connect cables from the drive to your computer. In addition to that, the My Passport Wireless Pro features a battery that can last you up to 10 hours of continuous use and an SD™ card slot, making it even easier to take with you.

This one is absolutely ideal for anyone on a media or photography course, with its added ability to work perfectly with SD cards, video and image streaming, Adobe Creative Cloud connection and maximum portability.

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Best external hard drives - My Passport™ SSD

For those of you that value high transfer speeds above everything else, you should look no further than the My Passport SSD. This drive is an extremely fast variant of the standard My Passport, prioritising transfer speeds above storage space, with read speeds up to 540MB/s via a USB-C™ cable.

That said, SSDs are more expensive than regular hard drives as standard, so be aware that you’ll be paying for the extra performance and speeds. For example, a 1TB My Passport SSD costs £169.99 while a standard 1TB My Passport will only run you £67.99. If you absolutely need the speeds, you can opt to go for a 256GB My Passport SSD, which will only cost you £79.99.

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Best external hard drives - My Book™

Any of you that need the absolute most amount of storage space possible and also happen to be more stationary than others, your best bet is to go with the WD My Book. This thing is a little beast of an external hard drive, offering up more storage than you’ll know what to do with.

Starting at 3TB for £99.99 and ranging all the way up to a whopping 14TB if you should somehow ever need it, the WD My Book is likely to be an external hard drive that will let you store several computer’s worth of work and content on, though it is a desktop drive, not  a portable drive like the My Passport model, so keep that in mind when choosing which drive is best for you.

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Best external hard drives - My Cloud™ Expert Series

By now, you may have noticed that the names of WD’s external hard drive offerings tend to begin with ‘My’. The My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra might be a bit more of a mouthful than its siblings, but it does what you’d expect - acts as your very own Cloud storage device.

You can pick one of these up with internal storage or purely as a Cloud-enabled device, but if you opt to grab a drive-included version, you’ll be getting a minimum of 4TB storage that will all be uploaded to your very own private Cloud, able to be accessed from almost any device via the My Cloud web and smartphone app, from almost anywhere in the world. For pure ease of use and cloud functionality, this My Cloud device is a superb choice.

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These are our top picks for the best WD external hard drives of 2019 so far, but whatever you choose in the end, just be sure to keep your files backed up as often as possible - the last thing you want is to lose hours worth of work just because you forgot to save.

If you do plan on picking up one of these WD drives, don’t forget that WD offers a 15% student discount on its products, which you can grab via this link. All you have to do is sign up and verify using your university email and you’re good to go.