The seven weirdest things teachers have told students off for

Think you’ve got it bad at school? Wait until you read the grief these guys got

Got a detention for not doing homework, but your mate got let off? Why can everyone else talk but you get sent out? Some days it can feel like your teacher is out to get you.

If you want to take comfort in the fact that it’s not just you, take a look at the weirdest things the TSR community have been told off for.

For laughing at things (that are funny)

Laughing in the classroom is a big no-no for some teachers. OK, fine - but on your lunch break too? Libbyfirmstone got it bad:

“During lunch today, I got told off for laughing at a joke someone else made about another guy - it was just friendly banter. I got reported, sent to the behaviour centre and given two red dots on my permanent record. The teacher also demanded I spend my break tomorrow with them.”

But sometimes things are so funny you just have to laugh.

“My teacher was carrying lots of books and stumbled backwards, farted and fell into an big empty cardboard box. Everyone laughed - but I was the only one who got told off.” - alextheowl

For knowing too much

No-one likes a know-it-all. Or maybe teachers just don’t like being proved wrong…

“I got sent out for being 'a wiseacre' when the teacher pronounced my name wrong and I corrected her.” - Castillolberico

It’s important to remember that teachers don’t like you being too smart either, as HowToBeABlobfish demonstrates here:

“I got told off in maths for doing some A-level Further Maths work while we were supposed to be doing GCSE Maths - but I‘d already done the work.”

Sprocks01 had a similar experience:

“One of my best friends (who is annoyingly smart and knows it) shouted out an answer in my physics class and the teacher told him he had some form of Tourette’s and needed to get help. Best moment of my school life and we still won’t let him forget it.”

Just remember, sometimes this behaviour can push your teacher right over the edge, like Mehru1214 witnessed:

“In primary school, I accidentally blurted out the answer to 12 x 7 and my teacher snapped my pencil in half.”

For not knowing enough

Okay, so you don’t want to be too smart. Got it. But wait - you also can’t be too lax either.

“In year 2, I drew a side-view of an elephant with two legs instead of four and got held back during lunch.” - Imari

You’ve also got to always keep your wits about you - a slip of the tongue will be reprimanded, as CB2244 shows:

“I got told off for accidentally calling a female teacher sir...”

For those pesky bodily functions

We’re all human. We all have bodily functions. Except, teachers kinda wish you didn’t.

“My teacher made me stand up when I sneezed during the lesson.” - entertainmyfaith

And some actions are simply unforgivable, as Zxyn demonstrates:

“I burped and covered my mouth, yet my teacher said I burped in her face so I got excluded for THREE DAYS.”

For showing emotion

Apparently, some teachers hate nothing more than a student enjoying their class, as jonathanemptage and MLM99 explain:

“I got a discredit for ‘smiling and enjoying the lesson.’”

“I was made to stand outside because my face was ‘too expressive’ for my French teacher.”

Sometimes that enjoyment can be misconstrued and blown way out of proportion though. Yeahthatonethere had a particularly interesting experience:

“My substitute RS teacher told two girls off for smiling because she thought they were ‘mocking her’. She then started crying and yelling that the class was plotting against her, being unfair and purposefully hostile to try and ruin her job. It was definitely the most surreal lesson I've ever had.”

For not having impeccable manners

Time to start brushing up on your classroom etiquette, or you could end up getting lectured like Sciencenerd101:

“I got told off for saying 'pardon' instead of 'sorry, what did you say?'”

And always, always, remember to greet every teacher in the corridor. Even if you don’t actually know them…

“I was shouted at by a teacher I didn't know when she walked past and I didn't say hello.” - autumnwriter

But remember - occasionally, your well-intended politeness will backfire.

“My teacher called home because I said her new trousers looked nice.” - TeenRose29

Just for being alive

When all’s said and done, sometimes your mere existence can rub your tutor up the wrong way. Zedress was in the crosshairs just for having unsafe pockets:

“I got told off for having a tenner in my pocket. The teacher asked me to give it to her so she could 'keep it safe'.”

Simple misunderstandings can also be the case, as CoolCavy explains:

“I got yelled at by my teacher for being on my phone. In reality, I was just holding a small piece of paper and didn't even own a phone at that point.”

Or, put simply, maybe you’re just a bad Catholic.

“I was told off for looking out of the window whilst we were in the middle of giving thanks to Jesus. Got detention and everything. #BadCatholic” - LadyEcliptic

It could even boil down to something as insignificant as cutting someone’s finger off. Wait, what?

“I accidently cut a guy’s finger off with scissors. I didn’t get in much trouble, but the teacher nearly fainted and the guy had surgery. I felt really bad.” - The Night King

Okay, maybe that one wasn’t so weird...


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been told off for? Get involved in the discussion below.

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