The tribe society

'The Tribe' Society is for those who remember and loved the awesome show that was 'The Tribe'!

'The Tribe' Society

The Society

'The Tribe' Society is a place for all people who watched 'The Tribe' to come chat about the programme.  


The 'The Tribe' Soc has loads of members - find out who is in the soc & who the leaders are.


Best Characters

  1. Jack - geeky scientist and technology guy.
  2. Trudy - mother of Brady, grew stronger as the series went on.
  3. Salene - ever troubled, but still though of others. Was MallRat leader at one point
  4. Mouse - cleverest little girl on the show. Shame she left to join 'The Ecos'
  5. Lex - always present & trying to help himself - deep down cared for others.

Best Series

  1. Series 1 - the beginning and forming of the 'MallRats'
  2. Series 2 - The virus strikes back and 'The Chosen' reveal themselves
  3. Series 5 - 'Zootist' and 'Techno' threat, 'Liberty' and leaving the city.
  4. Series 3 - Living under 'The Chosen' and rebuilding afterwards
  5. Series 4 - the 'Technos' invade and take over and all the VR stuff.


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