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For a limited time, is offering £10 off when you spend £150 on a holiday and enter the code TSRKIWI10 at checkout.

If you’re the type of person who loves to travel - be it backpacking or globetrotting in style - you may become well versed in the various websites that offer flights around the world. So what if we told you there was a way to make the whole thing a whole lot cheaper?

There are a few sites out there that operate on a kind of ‘search engine’ style of booking system, letting you search for a range of flights and package deals to a destination of your choice and choose from a pre-determined set of flights and times. offers a bit of an alternative while aiming to save an alarming amount of money along the way.

Essentially combining the ease-of-use of search engine flight booking sites but with added options and flexibility, aiming to get you the absolute cheapest holiday deal possible, in any way it can. This means that while most travel sites group together flights on the same airline when arranging holidays, instead finds the cheapest set of flights that match up to your dates - even if they’re not on the same airline or an airline with codeshares (such as Emirates and Qantas, for example).

What this ends up doing is getting you the cheapest possible holiday deal and a pre-booked route to your destination of choice in the time frame of your choice, not restricted to a certain airline or date. You set the terms and sets out to take care of the rest. 

How does work?

Similarly to other search-engine style booking sites, lets you search for your choice of a travel destination as well as the time frame you want to book for. Where has an edge is that instead of being limited to only matching up flights that are on the same airline (or airlines with codeshares), instead opts to find the cheapest flights that you can take in order to get to your destination within your time frame.

What this means, essentially, is that it’s prioritising price and budget constraints over all else. It might mean that you have to wait a little bit longer between connecting flights and you might not be able to pick the fanciest, most premium airline, but you will get where you need to go and you’ll save a whole lot of cash while doing it. If that’s the kind of trade-off that sounds fair to you, should be a good choice.

A lot of people actually do this themselves - booking individual flights along the route they want because it’s cheaper in the long-run. This means the other added benefit is that you’ll be letting do the legwork for you, saving time as well as money.

The service also takes care of check-in automatically, meaning you’ll avoid check-in fees on airlines that charge for non-online check-in, such as Ryanair.

On top of all that, also offers coach and train tickets as well, along with combination offers that put together a flight as well as train tickets and other transport options along the way. It can become a bit of a complete travel package, using your own routes.

Does have a guarantee?

Obviously, international travel can be a risky thing and flights can get delayed or cancelled when you least expect it. The risk when booking otherwise unrelated flights and airlines is of course that you won’t be automatically added to the next connecting flight if your first flight is delayed, as the airlines won’t necessarily work together. 

Still, if the worst should happen, offers a guarantee to cover flight delays and cancellations, meaning if you miss your connecting flight through no fault of your own, will place you on a connecting flight for free - with one caveat. That caveat is that if the new flight costs twice as much as the original, you’ll have to pay any excess above the doubled cost.

In addition to that, if your flight happens to be delayed 4 hours or more, you’ll get a food voucher as well as an overnight stay (up to £50) if your delay reaches 8 hours or more - keep your receipts for this one, though. Just be sure to contact in the first instance, rather than waiting until you’ve sorted flights yourself.

Options for your holiday

There are a variety of options and choices on offer when you look to booking a holiday with, due to the site’s array of search filters. You’re able to search flights to and from various regions - not limited to specific cities - or even set your destination to ‘anywhere’ to see what kind of adventures you could afford.

This makes it a great choice for anyone who just gets the itch to travel and wants to see the world, without being locked into a specific country or city to go to. You’re also able to search for multiple destinations at once, which will get you a variety of results for you to choose from without having to do several different searches.

One thing you will need to make sure you look into before you travel, however, is visas. Travelling between countries internationally involves a whole host of risks when it comes to various visas and ESTAs. These will often be clearly stated beforehand but you should always check with each country you’ll end up in - even just for a few hours on a connecting flight - to make sure if you need a visa or not. If you do, get one in advance, you’ll thank us later.

With all of this in mind, is a unique and affordable way to book holidays, particularly if you’re able to a bit more flexible in terms of airlines and don’t mind waiting around a bit for a connecting flight. If that sounds like you, you might just be able to save a whole bunch of money going with - which might even mean you can plan even more getaways with the extra space in your budget.

For a limited time, is offering £10 off when you spend £150 on a holiday and enter the code TSRKIWI10 at checkout.