Gap year programmes


Since these programmes are often oversubscribed, you are encouraged to apply as early a possible. The recruitment process is mostly similar between these companies, with online forms, aptitude tests and often two or more rounds of interviews. A lot of people tend to apply during September/October, in line with the UCAS application. Usually the companies are looking for strong predicted grades and extensive details can be found on company websites.

If you plan to apply to university, it’s usually best to apply normally and defer your place if you manage to get a place on one of these programmes in case you’re unsuccessful.


This is not a comprehensive list of companies to work for. If you have a decent covering letter, writing to any firm about an internship can’t hurt your chances. You may also want to look at the Year in Industry.

Pinsent Mayson Legal field.

Bolivian Express(Journalism in Bolivia)

The Bolivian Express gap year program is a one to twelve month scheme for students with journalist aspirations. You will work in the Bolivian Express office in La Paz, Bolivia, taking part in all aspects of article research and production. In addition you will be provided with photography lessons, cinematography lessons and magazine design lesson by experts in their respective fields.

You will also be provided with accommodation in La Paz, alongside Spanish lessons at a variety of levels. You will receive Bolivian press pass on arrival and will be paired with locals in La Paz and encouraged to explore Bolivian culture, eventually producing four pages of content for the magazine each month.

Visit Bolivian Express for more info


The Futures scheme is a nine month position in a range of roles from finance and business operations to IT and software development. IBM offers a range of options for the final three months of the scheme, which includes staying on, trying a new role in the company, charity work, an expedition with Raleigh International, or just doing your own thing. Salary is £13,000 per annum, with up to £2,000 in bonuses (2008). Last year’s applications process started in November.


The Scholars Scheme is a 30 week placement in professional services working in roles such as tax, audit and consulting. Deloitte also offer a travel bursary, paid work during university and an academic bursary each year, provided you are on target for a 2:1. Salary is £20,000 for 30 weeks. Deloitte is currently taking applications.


The Gap Programme is a six month placement in professional services in audit, tax or transactions services. Salary is £14,500 per annum. Last year’s applications process started in September.


The Rothschild Gap Year Placement is a twelve month London-based placement in an investment bank. Applications are generally open for the second half of the year and close at the end of December.


The Arup Pre-university Placement is a nine month scheme in an engineering consultancy. Arup also offer opportunities for summer placements and sponsorship of engineering degrees.


The Horizons Scheme is an eight month London-based placement in technology consulting. Accenture offer a £18,000 salary per annum and a £500 relocation allowance. Last year’s application process started in September.

Bank of England

A gap year at the Bank of England is a London-based placement working in operations. The salary is £15,000, with a performance bonus of £2,000. Last year’s scheme opened in January. - new link

Procter & Gamble

The Gap Year Internship Program is available for 6-12 month paid internships with the manufacturing and marketing consumer goods company Procter & Gamble, in the fields of marketing to finance and sales. Applications open across the Summer with a start date in September. Direct link available here -