Around scotland in 8 days

Scotland is so beautiful and one of the most interesting places to visit. There are a lot of things to do for everyone and there are plenty of museums and shops and castle.

[[Where I went, and for how long]]

I was in Scotland for eight days, in March. Me and my friend decided to go there for our spring break. We visited Aberdeen, Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands. Aberdeen is a city in the north of Scotland but despite this it is not that cold (It is called "Sunny Scotland"). In fact, Aberdeen, won a lot of awards as Britain in Bloom for 10 times! The gardens are amazing and full of color! We also saw the Marischal Museum and the Gordon Highlanders Museum. Not forgetting the night life and the shopping. Amazing! The morning after we catch a bus to Stirling and we enjoyed the seeing. We arrived in Stirling and stayed there for one day. We saw the campus of the University and the castle. Then catch a train for Edinburgh! Beautiful! The city is divided in Old City and New City. The first day we saw the castle and the old city. The second day we saw the National Gallery of Scotland and did some shopping. The city by night was amazing. Every single building was illuminated and there was such a romantic atmosphere! Time to catch a bus to Glasgow! When we arrived there was the opening of Forever21 and it was pretty amazing. They did firework, music and dancing in the street! So funny! We saw Glasgow in one day- Cathedral, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art. It was amazing and funny. The second day we went shopping and I must admit it was so funny! Shops are not too expensive and we also won 20 £ for GAP! Last day. 1 Day Tour to the Highlands! Departure at 8.00 and return at 19:45. We visited Loch Lomond, Rannoch Moor, Glencoe, Fort William, Ben Nevis, The Great Glen, Urquhart Castle & Loch Ness Cruise, Inverness, Pitlochry. That was totally amazing! Never saw something so beautiful and breathtaking.

[[What was great?]]

Everything was great! But, especially the Highlands. They were amazing. But I liked the fact that we didn't plan anything. That's why we call it an adventure! We just catch a plane to London and then decided to go to Aberdeen. From there it was an adventure. For Edinburgh we waited two hours at the station for the train and it was freezing. But it was a great experience. We met new people in Edinburgh and Glasgow and we have a lot of fun. Aberdeen was also great. We didn't expected it to be like that. We expected a small city with a few things to see but it was amazing and big and funny! And, it wasn't so cold! That was a surprise! We were convinced that Aberdeen was the coldest but, actually, it was the sunniest!

[[What was a letdown?]]

The letdown was probably Stirling. I'm so sorry but we didn't like it there. We just didn't enjoyed ourselves. It was freezing and people were not friendly at all. We were a little bit desperate so we decided to stay there just for one day. Another letdown were the transport prices. Buses cost too much. But, after two days in Aberdeen we took bicycle in Glasgow and Edinburgh and that was funny!

[[What does it cost to do it bare bones/live comfortably/live like a king?]]

Well I think that to do it Bare Bones it will cost 200-300 £ Comfortably it will ost 500-600 £ Like a King it will cost 700-1000 £

With my friend we spent something like 580 £ and we were two so that's great! I think that if someone wants to spend less he/she should book early the flights and the trains and it will cost less, absolutely.

[[Tips on being prepared]]

It's freezing cold! I mean especially in the Highlands! But you can survive, just bring warm clothes and it will be perfect. Another tips is...try to listen to some scottish people talk before you go! Because, sometimes, when you ask for directions you'll end up without any clue on were to go! Not everybody is like that but a lot of people have this scottish accent which, however, is very funny! We learned some words in scottish dialect and we laugh so much! Be ready to sleep as less as you can. If you want an adventure like ours you should know that we slept something like 4-5 hours per day. Last tip is: bring your camera! Scotland is amazing and it has a lot of landscapes and places to capture!