Australian wildlife adventures

South Australia has some of the world’s biggest playgrounds, including the outback and over 3000 kilometres of coastline. You’d like to have some adventure in the outback or simply relax in the beaches, you name it. From bird watching, hiking, camping or cycling, to something more challenging like cage-diving with great white sharks, South Australia has it all. Whatever you're doing you'll be treated by South Australian landscape. The question is: what would you like to do?

From pristine beaches where you can encounter kangaroos in Kangaroo Island, to 4 Wheel Driving in the Outback deserts under the starry sky. Have something more from Australia than just the Sydney Opera House and begin your adventure of a lifetime in South Australia!

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Where to go?

There are 4 must-visit regions in South Australia; Adelaide, Eyre Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and Flinders Ranges & the Outback.

Visit South Australia's official tourism website here

What to see and do?

South Australian wildlife, nature and adventure is the highlight of this trip. Begin your journey in Adelaide, chill out in Eyre Peninsula and kangaroo Island's beaches and complete your Australian adventures in the Outbacks. With such a wide range of environments, South Australia has a large collection of wildlife with epic landscapes in the background.

With a range of environments varying from forests, wetlands, marine to deserts, South Australia has a huge collection of animals and gorgeous landscape. Watch my video about Australian animals here

Apart from its adventures, natural beauty and wildlife, South Australia is also famous as the best wine producing region in Australia such as Barossa Valley and Adelaide hills. If you're feeling a little posh, why not sip some fine Australian wines afterwards?



Begin your journey in South Australia here. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, and with airports serving domestic and international route Adelaide is your gate to South Australian dazzling nature.

Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula is lined by pristine beaches perfect for swimming or surfing. Swim with dolphins, sea lions and tuna, or cage-dive with great white sharks if you dare! Go canoeing among the dolphins at Port Adelaide. If you are visiting during Eyre Peninsula in May to October, go to Victor Harbor and see the whales as they make their annual migration.

Kangaroo Island

Your visit to South Australia is not complete without Kangaroo Island is just two hours away from Adelaide, but it offers a whole different world for you. Marvel at the massive rocks in Kangaroo Island, perfect for your Facebook cover photo (ha!). Take a personalised 4WD tour to immerse yourself in Kangaroo Island’s charm and meet animals like koalas and kangaroos on your way.

Kangaroo Island is named 'fenceless zoo' as wild animals like kangaroos and sea lions roam free. Expect sunbathing in a beach next to kangaroos or swimming with sea lions. Immerse yourself with the Australian wildlife.


Flinders Ranges and the Outback

Flinders Range and the Outback is truly an 'Australian adventure' where you’ll immerse you'll be amazed by Australian outback's landscape. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or 4W Driving. Go to places around towns like William Creek, Parachilna and Arkaroola where you’ll find incredible views from ridge tops and gorgeous starry night skies. The experience you have here will be 'epic' as the Australian Outback landscape in the background frame your adventures.

Flinders Ranges and the Outback is also perfect for photographers as the sunset in the desert is a truly breath taking view. If you want to spend 'a bit' more cash, try hot air ballooning to enjoy the Australian Outback from bird's eye view. The beauty of the Outback has attracted many photographers and seeing it from above will give you a totally different angle.


How much?

Your biggest spending will probably be on your travels such as the plane ticket and car rentals (if you go 4W Driving). South Australia is not as expensive as big cities like Sydney.

£1 = 1.5 Australian Dollar

Tips on being prepared

  • Be ready to 'get rough' in Flinders Ranges and the Outback as it will not always have the best facilities around.
  • Travelling or spending your gap year in Australia is a good thing as you'll be able to speak the language, but also have a different 'taste' and culture at the same time without being too culture shocked.
  • Remember, Australian season is the 'reverse' of those in UK. So if you go to Australia on December you'll get summer and vice versa.