Czech republic

After the fall of the Berlin wall millions of people from the west sped to the Czech republic and specially its capital Prague. And with some reason. This central European country really has a lot to show and Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. The ancient tradition of brewing beer (Budweiser was originally a czech beer) makes your stay in the country an even more enjoyable one.

The Czech Republic is situated approximately in the geographical center of Europe and has an area of 78,866 sq. km. It is a landlocked country 326 km from the Baltic and 322 km from the Adriatic. It shares borders with Germany (810 km), Poland (762 km), Austria (466 km) and Slovakia (265 km). The highest point of elevation is the peak of Mt. Snezka (1,602 m above sea level) and the lowest point of elevation is near Hrensko where the River Labe leaves Czech territory (117 m above sea level).

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Recommended things to do and places to go

Petrin Tower - Fantastic views and much easier to climb than the Bell Tower in the Cathedral (separate staircases for up and down, much more air and rest places - makes it much easier for the asthmatics!)

Recommended places to stay

Czech Inn - Sooo clean, comfortable, friendly, cool bar, a little out of town but on a frequent tram route and right next to a stop. Trams run all night. Not too expensive either.


Karlovy Lazne - A 5-floor club (lounge, hip hop, trance, 80s) for everyone! Entrance is 120 krones (4 euros) and cheap drinks


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