Italy trip started by missing the flight

That was an October term break trip. It was freezing in London, we woke up at 4 in the very morning, carrying our suitcases all the way to the airport under the rain. It wasn't a nice start, we got on a cab with crappy driver, we argued with him and we had a bad mood. However, we had to prepare for our amazing Italy trip so we chose to forget about the poor weather and the cab driver. As soon as we thought everything was running smooth in the airport, we got into the departures lobby, we went to the gate and we were ready to depart! What happened was, my boarding pass wasn't stamped yet, the staff had just missed mine. My boyfriend and I ran through all the way where we had been going, rushing back to the bag-dropping desk and told them our situation. The staff in the airport was incredibly nice! They helped to make the way for us to rush back to the departing gate and encouraged us to go on, while we were super duper worried and nervous. We did it, we arrived back to the gate before the plane departed. However, no matter how our friends beg the staff on the plane, the gate was not opened for us. We had been waiting for half an hour, until the plane finally got ready. And we weren't on the plane. For this, we paid for an extra £110 per person for the "missed departure" fee, and got on the next flight, while the flight tickets costed us £30 each originally. It was obviously a bad start.

My boyfriend and I went to Pisa, took a few photographs and we had to rush to Florence and meet up our friends, who already had a nice tea and enjoyed so much for the whole day. We were thankful for having an amazingly lovely weather, it wasn't cold there and it wasn't raining. We had dinner there, enjoying the nice dessert out there. Then we went back to our apartment hotel and relaxed like a boss there.

Everything was smooth afterwards, we hanged around Florence and easily got to Venice. As soon as we had arrived to Venice, our eyes opened wide as well as our mouths - Venice, a place where we incredibly love, with no cars, no buses, only little boats. We were told to get on a taxi for going to our hotel. Yes, a taxi, a taxi on the river. We were so excited, we were laughing and we had forgotten every bad things that had happened to us. It was such a relaxing place to live in, so peaceful that we would never want to leave.

Everything was so amazing until we had to leave. We could not find any taxis for going to the airport in Venice, we were cheated by those drivers for higher charges. And, mostly importantly, he brought us to another airport. Why would poor things always happen around the airports? We had to get on another cab, for transferring us back to the right airport. We had limited money left and limited time as well as the boarding passes that we couldn't find anywhere to print them off, not even the hotel that we were staying. We arrived to the airport, and we were required to pay 60 euros per person for printing off the boarding passes. That was too ridiculous so we rushed to a cafe nearby and printed them off for 10 euros each. It is still expensive though, but we had tried our best.

Finally, we came back to the England, and we had faced another traffic trouble - the close down of the highway, the only highway that we could get home. We enjoyed being in this loving country - Italy, and we would definitely go again, just keep all these experiences in mind and I believe everything will be perfect in the next trip over there!