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TSR Wiki > Life > Gap Years and Travel > Your Adventures "Oh, you'll take the high road and I'll take the low road, And I'll be in Scotland before you, For me and my true love will never meet again, On the bonnie banks of Lock Lomond!", howled my mother in her best Scottish accent as we zoomed along the A1(M) motorway. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Where I went, and for how long For five days and six nights, my rather bubbly family of four stayed at a medium sized cottage in Fortingall, a small village in highland Perthshire, Scotland, renown for being the birthplace of Pontius Pilate (the dude who apparently authorised the crucifixion of Jesus!). Holy Schmoly. Near the cottage stands - wait for it - Europe's oldest tree! Approximately 3500 years old, the Fortingall Yew Tree has been the subject of countless stories and legends (for a while, it was even the centre of a local cult. Woah...). .
  • What was great? I'm a rather pessimistic human being. For me the glass is never half full. It's not even half empty either. It's fully empty. However, my brief visit to Scotland changed something inside me. Nothing major though; Gahh! Let's not get sentimental here. The mountains stand majestically, looking handsome in hats made of clouds. These mountains peer down on massive lochs, soaked in centuries of myths and legends. It's definitely a change from the usual trip to Cineworld or McDonalds. Driving down windy roads, we would sometimes see armies of wild deer gliding over the green grass with astounding speed. Beat that, Mo Farah!.

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  • What was a letdown? I sat on a bench at the edge of Loch Ness for an entire eighteen minutes, half expecting a one-hundred-foot monster to jump out from underneath the dark, murky water. But no, that didn't happen. Maybe Nessie was on holiday. I hear the Pacific Ocean is quite warm that time of year.
  • What does it cost to do it bare bones/live comfortably/live like a king? If you're willing to live in the woods on nothing but haggis and rainwater for a week, your trip won't cost a penny (though I'd recommend seeing your local GP afterwards...). However, if you want your trip to be fun AND comfortable, expect to be spending approximately £950 (if you're a family of four!). This includes the price for the cottage, food and even petrol. Remember: don't let cute little souvenir shops cut holes in your pockets!
  • Tips on being prepared Take clothes for every season of the year. Scottish weather is rather unpredictable; one day you'll be trotting around Aberdeen, looking cool in your Hollister t-shirt, but then the next day you'll be shivering like a madman underneath a puffy jacket from Primark. Whatever the case, make sure you're ready to tackle whatever the sky throws at you.