Who are we?

Raleigh is a youth charity. Since 1984 we have inspired over 30,000 people from all walks of life, nationalities and ages to get out there and rise to the challenges of life on expedition.

We have two commitments. Our first is to provide a transformational journey for everyone who joins an expedition. We aim to awaken a sense of life-purpose and self-belief by involving participants deeply with people, places, and communities.

Our second commitment is to our host countries. With a permanent presence and long-standing partnerships with government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and local communities, we are dedicated to bringing communities together, often for the first time, giving them the resources and motivation to achieve sustainable development.

What do we do?

Throughout the year we run expeditions to Borneo, Costa Rica & Nicaragua and India. These last between 4 and 10 weeks and inspire 17-24 years old to join as venturers and 25s and over (up to 75!) to join as volunteer managers. Our expeditions are a challenging, but extremely rewarding combination of community, environmental and adventure projects.

Why us?

There are many reasons why people choose us and often come back to Raleigh. Here are just a few of them:

•We work on worthwhile and sustainable projects – having a permanent presence in all our host countries we know what is needed to really make a positive contribution there

•We access remote areas – we often work in national parks and obtain special permits to trek remote landscapes you couldn’t access travelling alone

•We’re safe – safety is our utmost priority and we ensure all volunteers receive comprehensive safety training

•We encourage volunteers to be all they can be – our expeditions enable a diverse range of volunteers, including disadvantaged youths and host country participants to develop key skills for life

•We are a charity – all monies raised cover the cost of the expeditions including the development and materials for projects, as well as providing bursaries for host country participants and disadvantaged young people

•We are for life – volunteers are able to share their memories, experiences and skills with a growing network of over 30,000 like-minded people who want to keep contributing to society on their return

•We evaluate our work – we commission and issue our own reports and case studies to evaluate the impact our expeditions have on participants, and the communities we work in

We all have an expedition within us. Find yours at raleighinternational.org