Visiting iraq an extraordinary journey 2013

*Where I went and for how long

Iraq: Baghdad, and the north, for 3 weeks in total.

*What did I do there?

As an 18 year old adventure is what I look for when choosing a holiday, although before going I had my doubts, but after arrival. The warm weather. The Cheap prices. It was although I was dreaming.I can't remember a bad moment to be honest. My love for making videos and publishing them on YouTube drove me to have the idea to make a video in there.

People in the UK always have this negative view about Iraq and so I wanted to make a video that was away from the media to show the side of Iraq that you don't see on TV.

Now I was going to write a full article about this but whats the fun in that? I originally planned to leave the footage and edit it during my holidays but after seeing the prize I was very excited as it's been my dream to own a professional camera ever since I discovered this hobby, so winning the camera would be a very big thing to me as I would be able to produce even better videos. So instead I have been editing the video footage for about 2 days now and I have just uploaded it to YouTube as a private video.

The video was all edited and produced by me, although I filmed most of the footage, I wasn't able to obtain certain scences I had in mind so I just used clips from YouTube. The Video is quite long so if your only interested in seeing what Iraq is like today skin to the fourteenth minute.

I would like to share this exclusively with you guys and it is still not published. The title is going to be "Life opportunities. UK or Iraq?". The idea is to make people in the UK appreciate life here and also widen your knowledge on what life is like in Iraq 10 years after the invasion. Please don't forget to leave me a comment in the video telling me what you think.

You can watch the video by clicking here. Enjoy!