How to legally watch F1 without buying Sky Sports F1

So it's the race weekend and you're excited to see who wins. You find out the time and tune into BBC- hang on, it's not on? It's only on Sky! What can you do? Well, this is a guide on how to legally (Yes, legally!) watch the races that are being shown only on Sky but you don't have sky.

Foreign Stream and Radio 5 Live

Firstly, the easiest way of accessing a legal race stream is through a foreign TV channel such as Canal+ or RTL who are showing the race live on their website. The race will however be commentated in the language of that country, so to get around this you need to open up the Radio 5live stream off of the BBC website, allowing you to watch the stream and have the British commentary synced with it. This is easy to do but has some disadvantages; the stream may not work in this country and the two commentaries may not be synced properly.

Satellite Dish

A similar idea to this would be to buy a cheap satellite dish and to connect to an RTL stream (German) that streams straight to your TV in good definition. This would again require a 5live radio feed but it would give you the race is very good quality.

Borrowing a relative or friend's SkyGO

Alternatively, a good way of accessing Sky legally could be to use your tablet or phone to access Sky GO and ask a friend or relative if you could borrow their account. This is a simple and easy way to access Sky but it can be difficult to convince your friends or relatives as they are the ones paying for it, so make sure you are not going to use it every weekend, and just for the race.

BBC Highlights

If neither of these techniques work and you are not a die hard fan, then you could consider waiting for the BBC Highlights. Although these highlights come many hours after the race, if you do not wish to wake up early enough to watch a race around 7 or 8 am, you could simply wake up later in time for the condensed highlights. This option is not ideal when the race is on at midday or covered over social media however. Bare in mind that these highlights may not come with anywhere near the same level of analysis or extra content that comes with Sky however.

Find a local pub

Finally, if all options are of no use to you, you could be lucky enough to find the race shown in a pub. This will be very unlikely during a football weekend or the upcoming World Cup but is a nice sociable way to enjoy a race.

If all else fails, buy Sky!