What if you could travel the world for free?

If money was no object, what would you fantasy gap year be?

Where would you go? Would you go backpacker-style and make it last a full year? Or blow all the cash on a couple of months in luxury?

Deciding whether to go straight to uni or to take a gap year can be a really tough choice to make. Do you keep the study groove going and do the education bit first (maybe travel later on in life)? Or do you travel while you're younger and gather some life experience? Of course, money often plays a big role in that decision-making process too. But what if you didn't have to worry about that?

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We asked The Student Room Community what their fantasy gap year would look like if they were given £30,000 to go wherever they please.


FlintofBavaria said they would use £30,000 to 'live my dream of travelling across Europe in order to see history all over, from Lisbon to Moscow and back again! European monuments and museums, and historical architecture just astounds me.'

While F3rnw3h is partial to the backpacker option as it would give them 'the opportunity to visit many different places and truly experience cultures from around the world. I'd love to visit at least one French-speaking country to improve my French, and would maybe stay with a host-family to get a feel for real life there.'

brrrigid would 'definitely take the £30k for traveling to Japan over graduating loan-free - the memories would be worth so much more'; whereas Blue_Cow would 'much rather go on a holiday to the countryside then save the rest up for a house deposit.'

Others would chase their passions in a whole new way...

'My bucket list is to experience every Disney park and to give kids the joy Disney still gives me. My perfect gap year would be to work in a Disney resort, while visiting all the others.' - KayteeP

'I would go to Japan and buy loads of anime stuff because I love anime.' - AJo118

'My dream gap year would be to travel the world and look at the main settings where The Walking Dead was filmed. #TWD4LIFE' - safarisafa

Exploring the many corners of Asia was high on many people's lists as well...


Sakura Blossom would 'travel around China to sample each province's cuisines. After that, I really want to go Japan, travelling to the country and staying at a couple of capsule hotels on the way.'


Amyx15 also really wants to 'go to Japan, South Korea and China to learn more about their country and culture, hopefully learn a bit of all three languages and have four months in each country.'

Humanitarian gap years were also a common theme, with KateChurchy wanting to do wildlife conversation work with kiwis in New Zealand, Ensorcell looking at charity work in Africa; and peaemad867 keen to work in an orphanage.

Of course, there were plenty of adventure-seekers and thrill chasers too...

'I'd travel around the world with a bike and a tent, and document my travels.' - Hirsty97

'I would go to New Zealand. I've always wanted to go there and explore the beautiful cities and coastline, as well as experiencing some amazing things such as zip lining and skydiving!' - h.findlay321

'I would walk the entire length of South America, from Tierra Del Fuego in Chile to the Darien Gap in Colombia.' - james813

What kind of gap year would you plan if you had all the freedom of a free £30,000?

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