Furious students slam Edexcel after A-level Maths paper leaked online

An image of the leaked paper that was shared on Twitter

Edexcel’s A-level Maths Paper 3 offered for sale on Twitter

Incensed A-level students are demanding action after their latest exam paper was leaked online last night.

Photos showing two questions from Edexcel A-level Maths Paper 3 were circulated on Twitter late on the evening of Thursday 13 June.

Students sat the exam in the afternoon of Friday 14 June.

Tweets accompanying the images offered the whole paper for sale for £70.

“We are aware that an individual circulated blacked out images of two exam questions on social media ahead of today’s A level maths exam," a spokesperson for Pearson Edexcel said in a statement. 

"We are investigating the source of this. All students should be reassured we have well-established processes in place to ensure no-one will be advantaged or disadvantaged, and this paper will not have to be resat.”

A later statement reassured students that they will not have to resit the exam and suggested that Pearson are close to identifying the source of the leak.

"Having visited a small group of centres within scope of the investigation, we have identified one centre in serious breach of correct practice. We are determined to identify the individual involved, and hold them to account."

On The Student Room, opinion had been divided over whether the leak was real. A question number visible on one of the images prompted many to assume it was a fake.

“Pretty sure that's not real,” posted TSR member (Josh). “If it says 4 then it should be a stats question and if it says 6 then it would be the first question in the mechanics which means it would say Section B: Mechanics at the top of the page which it doesn't."

But the visible questions hadn't been taken from any past papers, leading others to believe the paper to be genuine.

“I think these are new questions,” said TSR maths forum helper Notnek. “There's still the possibility that a talented student has put these questions together but it's unlike any fake leak I've seen before.”

On Twitter, students and parents vented their anger as yet another maths exam was hit by controversy.

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