A-level results day 2019 - live updates on grade boundaries, results and Clearing places throughout the day

15 Aug | 5.35pm

Student misses offer for University of Manchester...

...but meets offer for Cambridge. TSR member MagnumKoishi was surprised to discover they had missed their Manchester offer which required an A* grade in further maths which they hadn't achieved, but had met their offer for the University of Cambridge which only required the top grade for regular maths.


15 Aug | 3:27pm

Interea posted their results earlier (A*A*A*A) but this has now been changed to A*A*A*A* because Edexcel made a mistake!

Here's the original post: "Maths (Edexcel): Predicted A* / Personal Target A* / Achieved A
Further Maths (Edexcel): Predicted A* / Personal Target B / Achieved A*
Chemistry (AQA): Predicted A* / Personal Target A* / Achieved A*
Latin (OCR): Predicted A* / Personal Target B / Achieved A*

"Super happy with my grades, doubled my further maths mark since February mocks in one paper! Loving the low grade boundaries for maths, they only gave me marks for 2 papers (should have predicted the 3rd paper due to illness but gave me a zero) yet I still got an A."

But a few moments ago, they gave this update: "Edexcel admitted they messed up, 4 A*s! I can't really believe it if I'm honest, super proud of myself for getting that despite everything."

15 Aug | 3:07pm

Olivia Keegan Carr, an archaeology student at the University of Southampton, tweeted

"Your results DO NOT define your ability/worth/life.

"Whatever happens IT WILL ALL BE OKAY!

"You don’t have to believe me, it’s okay I wouldn’t have. Your life is more than the results on the page."

A-level results day

15 Aug | 2:59pm

Has anyone pushed the new 'Decline my place' button on UCAS?

We're asking TSR members about their plans, and guess what? 

More than 65% are saying no, they are happy with their offer.

15 Aug | 2:45pm

Yesterday we wrote about how Cambridge's Adjustment scheme was criticised for being "unfair" and "disruptive."

But Mikiran is hoping to get a place there: "Got grades much better than expected and now I'm waiting until evening for an e-mail from Cambridge to know if they let me in through Adjustment."

15 Aug | 2:18pm

How are you feeling about your A-level results?

So far, our poll is showing nearly a third of respondents are disappointed with their results.

Happy - 21.19%

Sad - 3.97%

Disappointed - 32.45%

Proud - 3.31%

Surprised - 9.6%

Distraught - 12.91%

Over the moon! - 16.56%

If you're disappointed, and didn't get into the university you wanted to go to, you have options. 

Find out what to do if you don't make your uni offer.

15 Aug | 1:59pm

Remember that student who jumped out of the window during her A-level English literature exam?

Let's recap.

Two months ago, during exam season, MariannaL said: "I tore my paper up, and jumped out of the window during my A-level English Literature exam and didn’t write a single thing. It is 30% of my grade."

Well, she ended up getting a C, and A*C in her other subjects.

15 Aug | 1.45pm

bubblecat said: "I got AAB in Psychology, Sociology + History!

"Absolutely ecstatic, I really thought I’d messed it all up but i got what i needed for my firm 

"Off to Loughborough Uni to study Psychology in September!!"

Nice work!

15 Aug | 1:40pm

Have you voted in our A-level results day poll yet?

So far, more than 64% of students who voted said they got their grades and got into their firm choice university.

Less than 11% said they missed their grades but got into their insurance university.

Less than 9% said they got into university through Clearing.

And less than 17% said they are now going to do a gap year.

15 Aug | 1.13pm

Want to see the best Twitter had to offer over the course of results day? We've compiled it in one handy article: Students react to A-level results day

15 Aug | 12:41pm

Students who missed the grades of their university offers but still got accepted are sharing their stories.

  • Finnbell0101 got into the University of Liverpool to study geography with BCC, despite their offer being ABB.
  • Hullo said: "Missed it by 80 points and STILL got in. I thought it was a technical error then I saw the post letter downstairs, then the emails. I couldn't believe it! I must have had a secret unconditional offer or nobody wanted to do the course."
  • SilverSylvie, who is going to Cardiff, said: "ABB offer for English lit and philosophy I got BCC and I’m still in."

15 Aug | 12:22pm

This Twitter user was so close to getting an A in English literature. Are you considering resitting an exam or getting a review of marking because you think it could improve your grade?

Read our guide to A-level resits and our guide to reviews of marking.

English literature

15 Aug | 11:57am

sophieawhite has offered this advice to a student who was disappointed with their results: "So sorry you haven’t had the results you wanted . Just wanted to say that your results don’t define you, I’m sure you’re a lovely person and have lots of other things going for you.

"I’m sure you already know but there’s so many people who are really successful now who didn’t do as well in exams. It sounds like you’re a very hard worker and I’m sure that will really help you succeed in life!"

15 Aug | 11:53am

JJJJJAAAAMES has come to an exciting realisation: "I've only just gotten the amazing feeling that comes with knowing I won't be doing any statistics or mechanics ever again in my entire life. 

"No more hypothesis testing, or incredibly complex ladders and pivots and moments, no more means, modes, medians, and quartiles or Large Data Set crap."

We are stoked for you, James.

15 Aug | 11:47am

Doubtful Joy posted: "I made it into Nottingham! After some decent GCSE's and a terrible set of AS grades as a result of my hubris and laziness, I've managed to pull my life together well enough to make it into Nottingham University!"


15 Aug | 11:36am

We gathered together for a team photo to say... well done and congratulations A-level students, from The Student Room team!

TSR A-level results day

15 Aug | 11:31am

For the first time, more girls are taking science A-levels than boys.

Guess which science is still the most popular with boys though...

Read our full article here: Female A-level science entries overtake males for first time in 2019

15 Aug | 11:05am

This is Mina, Paddy and Livvy. Mina got A*A*AA in law, maths, further maths and English literature. She says to future A-level students, “Don’t stress about exams.”

Paddy and Livvy both got AAB! 

15 Aug | 10:30am

The Student Room has been at Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College this morning to meet students collecting their A-level results. 

Congratulations to Ollie, Oscar and Arjun who are going to University of Nottingham, Bristol University and an apprenticeship in management consultancy in London. 

This is Daisy, she got BAB in English lit, film studies and sociology and is going to Bristol uni to do film. Her advice for Year 12s? “Coursework grades aren’t the be all and end all, because it turned out well for me.”

15 Aug | 10:23am

Jeremy Clarkson Tweets results day Tweet

Is it truly A-level results day unless Jeremy Clarkson has posted his annual results day tweet?

This year he's renting a very big house for the summer.

Have a lovely time, Jeremy.

15 Aug | 10:19am

Fewer top grades awared in 2019

There has been a fall in the number of top grades awarded to students compared to last year according to figures released by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

Read the full story in our article here.




15 Aug | 8:07am

What happens if my firm choice is still showing as unconditional?

There are lots of reasons why this could be happenig... check out this post for advice on what to do if you're in this situation.

15 Aug | 7:37am

Has track opened early?

We are getting reports from students that their Track has now updated, a bit earlier than 8am.

Fingers crossed!


15 Aug | 6:58am

Medicine places available in Clearing

Several universities are openly advertising places to study medicine in Clearing this year, although some will require applicants to meet special criteria in order to aply. This post here will be updated throughout the day with updates on and if any more universities start advertising places.

15 Aug | 6:49am

There's nothing worse than bad Wi-fi on results day...

Oh no:


15 Aug | 6:30am

It's A-level results day!

Good morning! The wait is nearly over for all the students waiting to get their results today. The embargo on results has now been lifted and UCAS Track will open at 8am.

Make sure you have a good breakfast as you'll need the fuel today for celebrating or making important decisions around Clearing. Same goes for parents who will be standing by to support today.

Here's some useful links for you so you are ready. Goodluck today - we are rooting for you!


Understanding your A-level results slip

Guide to A-level results day

How to use UCAS Track on results day


Self-release into Clearing guide

A-levels: post your results

I got into uni celebration thread



UCAS, Clearing and university applications


14 Aug | 9:44pm

It's 10 hours and 16 minutes until UCAS Track opens....

..and we're signing off for the night. We'll be back first thing tomorrow to give updates throughout the day.

If you need advice on results or next steps you can get personalised advice by starting a new discussion in the Applications and UCAS forum here.

Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone waiting. We know you might be feeling nervous so try to relax, get a good night's sleep and take some rest before the big day tomorrow.

If you really can't sleep and want some company, join the A-level countdown thread or the can't sleep thread!

Good luck!




14 Aug | 8:48pm

Will I get a text or email from my uni choice before tomorrow?

Every year there are rumours that people can start hearing about their results before the morning of the 15th, but these aren't true. There is a strict embargo which means nobody can release any information about results until 6am on the 15th - this includes universities letting people know whether or not they have an offer.


14 Aug | 8:16pm

What time does UCAS Track open on results day?

Officially, UCAS Track will open at 8am on results day, although in previous years it has opened a little earlier (by 10 minutes or so). Either way, there's no point in staying up all night refreshing the page as it won't help - you're better off getting a good night's sleep and relaxing instead.

You can find out everything you need to know about using Track on results day here.

Or if you really can't sleep tonight, join the all-nighter chat thread here.

14 Aug | 7:23pm

MY Story Of A Terrible A Level Results Day - And How It Wasn’t The End Of The World!

If you're feeling really worried about getting your results tomorrow or things not quite going to plan, this thread by TSR member ScienceisGood will help reassure you. Read their story here >>

14 Aug | 7:20pm

We are now live on Facebook

Catch us on Facebook live here to get your results questions answered.

14 Aug | 6:40pm

All your results day questions answered

TSR's Pete Langely and Hannah Morrish will be on Facebook live this evening at 7pm. Ask them your questions in this thread, and catch them on Facebook here.

14 Aug | 5:52pm

Advice for parents

TSR's very own Hannah Morrish has penned this piece for the Telegraph on how parents should behave on results day. If yours are already showing worrying signs of annoyingness - get them to read it.

14 Aug | 5:44pm

Some A-level grade boundaries have been published early

A-level grade boundaries are supposed to be released on results day, just ahead of the grades themselves.

But the boundaries for all OCR and Edexcel exams were leaked earlier on Wednesday, revealing that A-level Maths boundaries are particularly low this year.

Check our forums for the grade boundaries from all boards as they are released.

Edexcel's grade boundaries can be seen here.

OCR grade boundaries here.

14 Aug | 5:37pm

Understanding your A-level exam results slip

When you get your results, you're going to be looking at something a bit like this...

a-level results slip

If that all looks a bit confusing, read our guide on how to read your A-level results slip.

14 Aug | 5:29pm

Good luck to everybody receiving their A-level results this week. Here you'll find updates from throughout A-level results day. First of all, here are some useful links for you.


Understanding your A-level results slip

Guide to A-level results day

How to use UCAS Track on results day


A-level exam results helpline official thread

A-level grade boundaries

A-levels: post your results

I got into uni celebration thread



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