Editorial policy

At The Student Room, we aim to create editorial content of which we are proud and - most importantly - that our audience will love to read.

We publish a mix of news and feature articles to support the core aim of The Student Room: to provide the help, advice and support that makes it a bit easier to be a school, college or university student. 

Our readers always come first. We will only ever publish articles that we believe are relevant and of interest to them.

Articles published on The Student Room are written by our team of in-house writers, as well as additional skilled journalists employed by us in a freelance capacity.

Our news and feature output is produced under the following guidelines:

  • We will only publish articles that are relevant and of interest to our readers
  • Our news and feature coverage will not be influenced by current or potential advertisers
  • We will correct any factual errors that are pointed out to us
  • We will always strive for the highest quality reporting and writing

The Student Room's editorial team has final editorial control over all news and feature content published on our site.

You can contact The Student Room editorial team with news stories, submissions or questions via email at [email protected].

Paid content

Sponsored features
Our advertisers can buy 'sponsored features' that are published on The Student Room. These sponsored features are written by TSR's editorial staff in collaboration with the relevant advertiser.

Sponsored features will always cover topics that are relevant and of interest to our readers. The advertiser will be featured within its sponsored feature.

Our advertisers are provided with the opportunity to provide feedback on their sponsored feature before it is published on The Student Room. However, final editorial control always lies with The Student Room.

Any sponsored feature is clearly identified with the words 'sponsored feature' at the top of the article.

Partnership content
Advertisers may also choose to work in partnership with The Student Room across a specific content area of the site. Partner content is typically published as a series of features across a 12-month period, all focused on a particular theme. 

Partner content is clearly identified with the name of the partner at the top of each article, as well as an 'about the partnership' section at the end of each article. This section clearly explains the purpose of the partnership.

User-generated content

On The Student Room, we provide functionality to enable our readers to create and/or edit their own articles.

These articles are clearly identified at the top of each article as being created by our community. The Student Room does not exercise editorial control over user-generated content. The Student Room will unpublish any content that is reported to us and is shown to be in breach of our site rules.