Post an article on TSR for your chance to win a MacBook Pro

Get your article published on The Student Room and you could win a MacBook Pro
by Nik Taylor | 10 Dec 2018

Add your articles for a chance to win

Get writing on The Student Room and you could win a share of prizes worth £2,000, as well a freelance feature-writing contract.

Our latest competition celebrates the launch of TSR HIVE, a new feature which makes it possible to publish your own articles on The Student Room.

There are two top prizes - one winner will bag a MacBook Pro, while another will get a 12-month freelance writing contract with TSR plus a £300 Amazon voucher. And there are three more prizes for the best articles in specific categories.

For your chance to win, just give HIVE a try.

What is TSR HIVE?

HIVE is a brand-new tool on The Student Room. Using HIVE, you can publish your own articles directly to The Student Room. You can also work with other members of the TSR community to edit each other's articles.

How it works

TSR HIVE is available to all members of The Student Room, so you'll need to be logged in to use it. To get started, just go to our article creation page and start writing.

You can save or publish your article at any time. Just choose a category from the drop-down lists, and then click on either the 'publish' or 'save as draft' buttons.

Your article will be checked to make sure it’s in line with our site rules (this helps us stop the spammers) and will then be published on TSR.

What can I write about?

You can write about anything you like, just think about things you know. It might help to think about the core topics that make up the name HIVE:

  • Help. What do you know that could help other people? Perhaps you could share revision advice on a specific GCSE topic, or tips on studying your course at university.
  • Information. What information could you share with the wider TSR community? You might want to create a guide to your local area, or a list of top reference books for a particular subject.
  • Views. Share your opinions - perhaps by writing a review about a film, book, album or game.
  • Experiences. What have you been up to? Try writing about a trip abroad, your experience of working in a particular part-time job, or how you handled the two years of A-levels.

There's really no limit - feel free to just get writing about anything that interests you.

How do I win a prize?

There are some great prizes to be won by the writers of the top articles published in HIVE.

Prize Category
Apple MacBook Pro Most popular article
Freelance writing contract plus £300 Amazon voucher Best-written article
£150 Amazon voucher Best-written article in university category (or sub-categories)
£150 Amazon voucher Best-written article in revision category (or sub-categories)
£150 Amazon voucher Best-written article in life category (or sub-categories)

The winner of the 'most popular article' category will be decided by looking at the number of people who have read your article and the amount of time they spent reading it.

Those statistics will be recorded and reset at the end of each week. The most popular article from all weeks of the competition will be the overall winner, so you will still be in with a chance of winning even if you enter later on in the competition.

To boost your chances of winning, make sure you let everyone know when you've published an article. Share it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, start a thread about it on TSR. The more people who read your article, the better your chances.

The winners of the best-written article prizes will be decided by a team of judges at The Student Room.

You can publish as many articles as you like via HIVE. Each article published before the competition closing date counts as a separate and additional entry into the competition.

The winner of the most popular article category will receive a 13-inch MacBook Pro with 2.3GHz dual-core processor and 128GB storage worth £1,249. Full specification of this model can be found on the Apple site.

The freelance writing contract is paid and consists of six article commissions for feature content that will be published on The Student Room. The specific titles of the commissioned articles will be agreed with the winner at the time of the features being commissioned. Remuneration will be in line with The Student Room's standard freelance rates.

This closing date for entries into this competition is 28 February 2019; the winners will be announced shortly after that date.

Unless specified in this article, all other standard TSR competition terms and conditions apply.