Happy birthday - the student room is 10

We're 10 years old!

From humble beginnings, The Student Room has grown to become the world's largest student website over the past 10 years. Here we celebrate TSR's 10th Birthday throughout July with some cool features, as well as some birthday giveaways!

TSR's Birthday Logo


You may have noticed, but TSR has, for one month only, a brand spanking new birthday logo!

Both the main and subscriber logos were designed by TSR user 'Refrigerator' in our design competition, celebrating 10 years of The Student Room.


Click here to check out some of the other entries and more about the designer: Refrigerator.

Create TSR's Birthday cake!


Can you bake?

TSR needs a birthday cake! Send us pics of your TSR birthday cake creations and you might just win a TSR birthday present!


Click here for the TSR Birthday Cake bake-off!

TSR through the ages


Ever wondered what TSR used to look like? Ever heard people mention "UK-Learning" and not had a clue what they're talking about?

Well here we take a trip down memory lane and look back on TSR through the ages

...alternatively, take a look at what might have been...

Read The Student Room History

Q&A with d, CN and J.


Oh yes, the man himself is back...

The mythical, legendary creator of TSR known only as 'd' will be back for one week only! Whether you're an oldie or a newbie, here's your chance to put your questions to d, CN (TSR's current owner) and J (TSR director)

Click here to submit your questions to the TSR trio

TSR site records


Over the past 10 years, the site has been used by millions of users all across the world.


So as the site grows, it's important to keep track of records and aim to keep beating them!.

We love beating records, so why not take a look at some of

TSR's top record breaking moments.

Did you know?

Each day in July we'll be posting up a weird or wonderful fact about TSR's past, present or future you may not have known about.

If there's anything been puzzling you about TSR, let us know and we'll try and find out for you!

Check 'em out in our About thread here.