How students are preparing for results day 2019

Make sure you're ready for results day

A-level results day is tomorrow, August 15th 2019, and being well-prepared will help put your mind at ease.

By putting this last day to good use, you will know what steps to take tomorrow and how to put them into action, no matter what your grades are.

Get to grips with UCAS Track

At 8am on results day, UCAS Track will update to show you if you got into your firm or insurance uni.

Read through this article to help you understand Track. 

The more comfortable you feel navigating the site, the less stressful results day will be.

Make sure to make a note of your log in details!  

Understand grade boundaries

Exam boards will release grade boundaries in the morning on results day.

You can find the links to grade boundaries and all the relevant information to help you understand what they mean here

You don’t need to check these as soon as you wake up, but, if you miss a university offer by one grade, use grade boundaries to help decide if a review of marking is for you. 

Prepare for Clearing

Clearing is a useful tool if you don’t get the grades you need, or if you decide your firm and insurance aren’t for you.

Before results day, spend some time finding out what Clearing is and how to use it. Check out our Guide to Clearing to feel confident with how it works ahead of time.

Look through available courses and use our Clearing directory to find the clearing hotlines for all universities. 

TSR users get prepared

In this TSR thread, users have been sharing their results day preparation.

CoffeeAndPolitics said: “I've made sure I've done all the necessary preparation for Clearing especially since I'm unsure about whether I want to go to my firm anymore/whether it's the right place for me. I just want to get the grades I need and from there reassess my options”

For the day itself, they have made some plans to help reduce stress: “I'm going to get to school on my own but my best friend will be there and we'll open results together just like GCSE results day but we'll have a moment to ourselves when opening them up”.

KJEKJE Says Hi is “planning on just starting my day as usual, with a morning stroll. It take my mind off the potential stress I'll have getting to school, but also give me one last time to reflect on what's gone on in the school year”.

Some final tips

To ensure you have a clear mind on results day, get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. If you’re running on empty, you may make a rash decision.

Find out when your school opens for you to collect your results. Make sure you know how you will be getting to and from school, so you don’t have to worry about this on the day.

Make plans for the rest of your day. Depending on what you like to do, nightclubs often have A-level results parties where you can celebrate or commiserate in style.

If that’s not your thing, you can arrange something for you and your friends or family to do together to help you unwind.

If your results don’t go as planned, don’t worry, you have lots of other options. Use TSR’s A-level forum and advice thread if you have any questions, talk to your teachers and don’t rush into anything.