Keele University accidentally 'rejects' thousands of applicants

Thousands of applicants to Keele University were accidentally 'rejected' via email last night. 

A message that told applicants they’d been rejected from Nursing and Midwifery was sent to around 9,500 students – including many who had applied for entirely different courses.

However, Keele has confirmed the emails were sent due to a "system error", so if you got one, don't worry!

Our Keele medicine applicants discussion sparked into life as soon as the emails started coming through. “My heart. Literally. Stopped,” wrote blue1211823. “I nearly fell off the treadmill in the gym when I saw the email come through,” wrote jayjkay93. 

keel rejection

A few even wondered if they’d made a mistake themselves. “I panicked and thought maybe I put down the wrong course on UCAS!” wrote 254. 

Others wondered if it could mean a rejection from their course, too. “Do you think that means we've been rejected for interview for medicine as well or just a wrong e-mail?” asked Pumuki63. Elsa10 was also concerned that “they mean medicine instead of nursing”. 

People from different courses reported they’d also received the email. “My friend already has an offer from neuroscience and she got the nursing email too,” wrote theboom.

So, what’s actually going on? If you’ve received a Nursing and Midwifery rejection email: don’t panic! 

We’ve been in touch with Keele University to get the official line.

"Please be reassured your application is being processed as usual and we will be in touch through UCAS Track when we have made a decision,” said a spokesperson. “We would apologise for any upset and inconvenience caused as a result of what was a system error."

What should you do if you got the nursing and midwifery rejection email? 

Keele admissions shared the following advice with us:

1) UCAS track should give you the most up to date information.

2) Everyone should receive a follow-up email apologising and clarifying the situation.

3) If you have any concerns at all you can give the admissions team a call. 

4) Keele will be updating their social media to keep everyone up to speed

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