No escape from reality

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Confusing predictions, annoying noises and treasured memories in this week’s round-up

This week, exams get the green light for next year - who ever thought that that would be good news?! Members have been debating how to spend the government's Covid catch-up fund, dreaming of getting away from it all and deciding which is better - board games or video games?  

Under Pressure

The government has confirmed that it plans for exams and formal assessments, including GCSE and A-levels, to go ahead next academic year. Read the Evening Standard’s story here.

A quarter of teachers grading GCSEs and A-levels this year have come under parental pressure to change them, new research from TES shows.

The debate rages on over the government's Covid catch-up fund. Do students and teachers think that extending the school day is a good idea?

Living on my own

A TSR member seems to have found the perfect London accommodation to start uni... only their school mate wants in! Should they tell them about the great find when they want to start a new life away from old school friends?

What actually happens at graduation...? It can vary between unis, so what should you expect? TSR members share their experiences here.

Predicted grades and how they're used can be really confusing. 20chowac20 has loads of questions about what unis do with them - do you know how it works?

We want to break free

As the Covid restrictions go on (and on, and on) we're dreaming of a return to the days when planning a trip abroad doesn't mean constantly checking a traffic light system. The Travel forum is ideal for some far flung daydreaming... bored_user:) says 'name one country you want to travel to after Covid', and karen482 asks 'where is your favourite place to travel?' Head over and start planning...

More chat from the forums...

TSR member sunny.side.up is feeling nostalgic. If you could go back to one day in your life and relive it, what day would it be?

'Board games or video games?' asks Ivette619

'Sounds you dislike?' asks homecounter. (People eating popcorn in the cinema, surely?)

And finally...

When we suggested having a couple of drinks and watching the football, this isn't what we had in mind...

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