Noise complaints, exam papers for a pound and hugs for everyone

A man covers his ears with a pillow to block out noise late at night

This week's round-up of student stories

This week members have been discussing whether the assessments are fair, whether graduation is worth it and which chocolate bar is the best. Meanwhile, more freedom is on the way but one member’s got a housemate who’s cramping his style.

Are this year’s assessments fair?

Members on TSR have been speaking out about this year's assessments and if they are really fair for everyone. Join the discussion.

Reports are coming in that GCSE and A-level papers from 2020 are being sold online for just £1, with some beginning to question the reliability of this year's process. Read The Guardian’s story here.

Finally, some members are starting to think about the autumn exam series as a backup, just in case. Join the discussion.

Firm and insurance choices - what’s the rush?

Is there any real rush to firm an offer? TSR member Jonathanツ debates waiting until the UCAS deadline to accept their offers and others add in their advice.

Chocatoo's flatmate is complaining about every little noise at night, when they're trying their best to keep it down! What advice would you give them?

Is it weird not to want to go to graduation? With so much happening at the moment, there are lots of people feeling the same way! TSR users share their reasons for going or not going to their uni graduations.

No more facemasks in lessons?

More freedom from Covid is on the way, now that Boris has confirmed the latest easing of coronavirus restrictions. From Monday 17 May, we'll be able to visit restaurants, pubs, cinemas and the like - and even give friends a hug when we get there.

If you're at school or college, you may no longer need to wear facemasks in class and if you're a uni student, you'll be able to go back on campus. Could it be that 'normal' life is finally coming back? There are more details on the government website and you can discuss Covid's impact on education in the forums.

This week’s burning questions

This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, and we liked this post from Newgraduate as a reminder of some of the little things we can do to look after ourselves.

Have a great weekend everyone - and good luck to all of you who are working your way through assessments right now. You've got this!

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