Student wins three years of tuition

The Student Room member Lucy Tanton has landed a £15,000 prize to cover the cost of her uni fees

After three long months, a whopping 1,150 entries, a panel of judges, three shortlists and one final battle, hundreds of The Student Room members have voted My Degree Stats by Lucy Tanton as the overall winner of our Invent a Student App competition.

Lucy is the lucky recipient of an incredible prize: £15,000 of tuition fees to study at The Open University. Of course, the hard work to complete the degree is now down to her.

"I'm so happy to have won this competition," said Lucy. "The opportunity to study with the OU in particular is amazing as I have a two-year-old son, so it'll be really useful to be able to study part-time and predominantly from home!

"I've just completed my undergraduate degree, so I hope to use the prize to study for an MA in English. I'm really grateful to TSR and the OU, and to anyone who voted for my idea - thank you!"

Another 25 TSR members have also been selected as runners-up across three categories: Most Useful, Most Innovative and Most Creative.

The entries were vetted several times and first-round judging was based on how practical the ideas were to build, how useful they would really be to students and how innovative they were (a new idea or improving others). A long-list was drawn up, then a short-list. Then the power was in the hands of the TSR community as 10 apps made it to the semi-final polls, before a final vote between the two most popular entries decided the winner.

It really was an incredible event and the single biggest competition in the history of The Student Room. Congratulations to all of the winners and a huge thank you to everyone at the Open University for making this possible.

“We are delighted with just how well this competition was received, really grateful and astounded by the interest and the effort put in by TSR members,” said Jeni Aldridge from The Open University.

Finally, thank you to everyone that entered, every idea was fantastic and you made the competition great fun to work on! 

Lucy Stanton

Overall winner

My Degree Stats by Lucy Tanton
Wins £15,000 of tuition fees

What it is: at the beginning of an academic year, the student/user inputs how much the year is worth overall to their degree, percentage-wise. The app, taking into account any previous marks submitted by the user, calculates the marks they need to achieve or average in future assignments/years to achieve each classification for a) the module, b) the academic year, and c) the course in its entirety.

Why it’s needed: I always spent AGES trying to figure out what marks meant in terms of how I needed to do in other assignments, and whether or not I was on track for my target grade. I would have loved to have had an app to figure it out for me!” 

Most Useful Win £50 of iTunes vouchers each

  • Lecture Library by Chantelle Osili
  • Recapp by Matthew Moran
  • Food for Thought by Phoebe Person
  • CloudVid by Gilbert Chng
  • Daily / Weekly Challenge by Alex T

Most Innovative Win £20 of iTunes vouchers each

  • Anti-Procrastination App by Sergio Lamela
  • Incrediball Revision by Robert Goble
  • CollaborApp by Martin Deller
  • Calamity Campus by Debbie Henry
  • Manage Your Stress While Studying by Michelle King

Most Creative win £10 of iTunes vouchers each

  • Careerzcontrol by Aubrey Cooper
  • Quick learn by Harrison Scott-Sansom
  • Larry Llama by Moshood Bello
  • Loan Destroyer by David Morgan
  • ScanRef by Eoghan O'Regan
  • FlashTest by Sophie Raffan
  • Homework database by Rachael Guilfoyle
  • The Student Bible by Rachel Kinsman
  • Piggy Bank by Samantha Jeffrey
  • The Graduate LinkUp by Natalie Champness
  • My Future Planner by Luke Dalton
  • iTeach by Scott Lynch
  • The Last Retort by Sonya Kemp
  • Your Career by Adam Woodley
  • Brain of Britain by Diane Duggan