Students hoaxed by fake GCSE Maths paper leak

maths exam being worked on

GCSE Maths revisers get trolled

Hot on the heels of the supposed leak of GCSE Biology Paper 1, online forums were rumbling last night with another ‘leak’; this time of the upcoming GCSE Maths Paper 1.

On Discord at around 8pm on Wednesday, a poster called Anonymous AQA posted a link to a Google Drive document with the message “I’ve got the leaked Maths Paper 1”.

Clicking on the link (which has since been removed along with the poster’s comments) opened up an apparently official exam paper for AQA GCSE Maths Paper 1 set for next Tuesday 21 May.

Front page of fake AQA paper

Revision gold, right? Actually, no - although a number of students were immediately duped, and wanted more. Discord user Hamish posted: “How did you get those and is that the only one you have???” and fellow user M O R G Z adding: “THESE ARE THE OFFICIAL ONES?! wait, do you have the science papers?”

But the ‘leak’ was quickly exposed as a fake: scrolling to the end of the paper revealed a page with Fornite’s ‘take the loss’ emote. And on closer inspection, the entire paper was actually a copy of June 2018’s exam, with an edited front page.

Fornite take the loss emote

The penny soon dropped. “They’re last years paper,” facepalmed M O R G Z. “I feel used and abused and dumb.”

“Every year we see fake exam papers being leaked online, and every year people get tricked into believing they are the real thing,” says TSR community manager Joe Woodcock.

“Our advice is to ignore these kind of posts and instead focus on your own revision. Working from real past papers is a great way to boost your last-minute revision and will help you to be ready for when you see the real exam.” 

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