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The Student Room Mobile App Now you can have The Student Room with you wherever you are. Download the The Student Room App FREE and be part of the largest online student community at any time.

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The support of the student community in your pocket

Suffering from the bad hair day to end all bad hair days? Need revision motivation to combat slobbing in front of the TV? Coursework deadline looming and urgently need to share ideas? Whatever the topic The Student Room is here for you.

If you’re a student in the UK, The Student Room is your perfect pocket companion. We’re a growing community of almost 5 million students studying for GCSEs, A-levels, degrees and other qualifications. Thousands of The Student Room members face the same challenges, choices and experiences as you. Ask us a question, voice a concern, share a story or help others on any topic important to you.

Key features...

  • Make friends with UK students just like you
  • Learn with the UK's brightest students
  • Make the right University choice by hearing what current Uni students have to say
  • Share your opinions and have fun
  • Get confidential and anonymous advice
  • Take photos with your phone and add them to a discussion instantly
  • The Student Room - Acumen Professional Intelligence Ltd Get it on Google Play

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