TSR Student Photographers - earn up to £5 per photo we use

At The Student Room, we use photos every day. On our sites, in news stories and in our promotional materials, like presentations and leaflets. Our style is simple, to show real student life in its true form, using real everyday photos. Your photos! 

We would love you to submit your photos for us to feature on our sites and in our marketing materials, and we will pay you for each photo we decide to use. The more we use, the more you can earn. Read on for more info…

student photo

Photo guidelines 

The type of photos we are interested in are:

  • Our style is natural and un-posed, i.e. photos of your everyday life doing ever day things. Filters can be used, but don’t overdo it with lighting and ‘staging’ a photo, as we only use photos that feel natural.
  • We’re on the lookout for photos that aren’t boring – we believe everyone is different, with our own quirks that make us interesting, we want to try to capture that!
  • Photos of you, of people, or objects and places.
  • In terms of format, landscape is best but we also look for portrait photos.
  • High quality and clear imagery.

How much we pay 

We offer a one-off payment for the use of your photo as follows:

  • £5 per photo intended for use across our promotional materials (e.g. our campaign adverts, presentations and posters).
  • £2 per photo intended for use across our site pages (e.g. in news stories, articles and homepages across The Student Room and Get Revising).

How to take part 
We use Flickr.co.uk for photo uploads, so please create a free account on Flickr or login. Go to one of our Flickr groups:

Add as many photos as you like to each group making sure that:

  • Everyone in the photo is 16 or older.
  • You have permission from other people in the photo (unless they are in the distance and you can’t see who they are).

We will then select the ones we’d like to use and contact you to let you know and arrange payment to go direct to your bank account.

Due to the number of photos submitted and because our use of photos is unpredictable, we cannot contact everyone to say certain photos won’t be used – however, we will contact people when we do use a photo. 

Other tips 

  • Improve the chance your photo will be picked by following our guidelines and looking at other photos we have used in the past.
  • Be first in the queue: If you’re a budding photographer and want lots of your photos featured, or you just happen to have a good eye for a photo and want to earn lots of cash, you can follow us for photo request alerts. Email [email protected] to be added to our TSR Student Photographers email list.