What will be in the AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1 exam and what time is it happening?

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Date and time of AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1

AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1 (8463/1F and 1H) is on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd May 2019. Most exam centres will start the exam at 1.30pm, but check with yours in advance as centres can start exams by up to 30 minutes earlier or later than this time. Most exam centres will tell you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the exam starts.

The topics you will be assessed on are energy, electricity, particle model of matter and atomic structure.

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Official AQA advice states that in the GCSE science exams, you should “be ready to apply what you know about the use of scientific apparatus and techniques to practical situations you may not have met before. Some questions will ask you to apply your investigative skills.

“Show that you understand the subject-specific language which applies when answering these parts of questions.

“Check that you know, and can use, the formulae needed to process the data you gather in different experiments.”

What to expect from AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1

The paper title is AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1 and the paper lasts for one hour and 45 minutes.

There are 100 marks available in this paper, and it makes up 50% of the whole AQA GCSE Chemistry exam. AQA Physics Paper 2 makes up the other 50% of the AQA GCSE Physics exam, one of three separate science exams.

AQA GCSE Physics is assessed at both higher and foundation tier. Higher students can achieve grades 9 to 4, and foundation students can achieve grades 5 to 1.

Make sure you always know the structure of the paper you are sitting. Read the instructions on the paper thoroughly before you start.

The paper contains a mixture of multiple choice, structured, closed short answer and open response questions. For the open response questions, you should make sure your answer is clear, logical, sensibly structured, fully meets the requirements of the question and shows that each separate point or step supports the overall answer.

The marks for each question are shown in brackets, ranging from one to six markers. You should answer all questions.

A physics equation sheet will be provided with the exam.

Remember to write clearly and use good English; even though it’s not an English exam, the examiners need to be able to understand what you’ve put.

AQA has given us this advice on what you need to do in your GCSE Science exams.


What to bring with you to the AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1 exam

  • A black ink or black ball-point pen
  • A ruler
  • A scientific calculator

GCSE results day 2019

If you’re taking GCSE exams this year, results day for you will be Thursday, 22 August.

Most schools and exam centres will be open for students to collect their results from 10am.

Go to our exam results homepage for more info.

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