When do universities confirm your place?

Universities already have your grades

Universities have received your A-level grades and are deciding whether to offer you a spot at uni.

You will find out their decision tomorrow - August 15th 2019 - by logging into UCAS Track at 8am. 

If either your firm or insurance place has been changed to unconditional - congratulations, you’ve bagged a spot at uni!

If they say unsuccessful - don’t panic. Collect your results from school, talk to your teachers and see what can be done. You have lots of other options.

Consider Clearing, retakes, a review of marking, a gap year or a new path entirely. We've also got some tips on how to keep calm during Clearing 2019.

What if my Track hasn't updated?

Universities and UCAS have lots of applications to process. If your Track hasn’t changed, don’t worry, collect your results and check back at midday. Don’t forget that if you have achieved the grades you need but your Track hasn’t updated, you have still got in and it should update soon.

If there is still no change over the next day or so, call up the uni directly. Sometimes the university hasn’t decided yet or hasn’t contacted UCAS. Get in contact and they should be able to help.

What if my place is dependent on a GCSE retake?

If you retook a GCSE subject this year to secure a spot at uni, the university will be waiting until GCSE results day to confirm your place. This is Thursday 22 August.

UCAS will not send your GCSE result(s) to the university, so you need to do this yourself.

What happens next?

If you now have an unconditional spot, relax and enjoy the rest of your summer.

The university has your details and will contact you with information about accommodation and your course soon.