Nine ways to be totally prepared for A-level and Btec results days

A student looks at his exam results in a school hallway

Exam results incoming! Here's how to be ready

With results day just around the corner on Thursday 18 August 2022, The Student Room has loads of support and resources available to help you prepare for the big day, as well as navigate Clearing if you need to use it.

So however things turn out, we’ve got you covered.

1. Head to our Clearing and results day hub for all of the info about results day and how to prepare.

2. You can get help from Ucas-trained advisers in our university and applications forum

If you want to know how to find help or ask a question in the forum, our community manager Grace has a helpful video below.

3. If you want to talk to other people who’ve applied to the same uni as you then head over to the uni applicant group threads and search for the university on the list.

4. You can also find every uni that’s entered into Clearing in our 2022 Clearing threads where you can chat to other students who are interested in applying to that uni through Clearing and sometimes reps from the uni as well.

5. If you have questions about Clearing then have a look through our Clearing FAQs thread, where loads of questions have been answered already by Clearing and applications advisers. You can also ask any questions that you have here and someone will get back to you. 

6. We also have tools available, like our get prepared for results day template which will help you with all of the things you need to think about and prepare for results day.

7. If you want to prepare yourself for making Clearing phone calls then we have a quiz where you can find out how well you’d do on a Clearing call.

8. We also have all of the university phone numbers and contact details for Ucas Clearing to save you time on the day.

9. Head over to our sister site The Uni Guide for even more advice and support to help you get ready for results day.

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