Seven things that will definitely happen on results day

GCSE, A level and SQA results days for 2016 are approaching fast and nobody can be certain about the grades that they will find when they open their envelope. 

However, there are some things that are guaranteed to happen on results day:

1. You will wake up from a results day dream/nightmare

Simon Pegg waking up

2. You will have cameras shoved in your face by the local press

Lilo taking a photo

3. People will remind you that Alan Sugar only has one GCSE

Alan Sugar

4. Older people will tell you that exams were harder in their day.

Homer and Abe Simpson dancing

5. Someone will be disappointed, despite getting an ‘A’

I could've been somebody

6. Whether the results are good or bad: there will be tears

I could've been somebody

7. It will be the end of an era

I could've been somebody

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