Six things you must do before A-level results day

Results day is just around the corner. Here's how to prepare so nothing comes as a surprise on the day.

Clock countdown

Exams are done, the big day is inching closer and very soon you'll know exactly how you did.

The A-level results day countdown has begun.

However your grades come out, the best place to be is TSR. We've got information covering everything you need to know about handling results day and confirming your uni place (if that's where you're going).

Here's where to find it all; good luck for results day!

1. Get your head around A-level results day 2019

Our A-level results day section is where you'll find everything to do with getting your grades. You might start with our guide to A-level results day for a step-by-step guide on what to expect on 15 August.

If you're applying to uni, read our UCAS Track explainer. This covers all the detail of how to use Track to monitor your uni application as decisions are made. 

2. Understand your UCAS application

Got a question about your uni application? Visit our Clearing, UCAS & Applications forum. Here you can post a question about any aspect of the application process; the TSR community (including our UCAS-trained support team members) will be able to give you the advice you need.

Ever heard of the AS12 email? Everyone who gets a confirmed uni place through UCAS gets one of these - find out more by reading our AS12 confirmation email guide.

If you've changed your mind about your firm uni choice, we can help you. Read our guide to being released from your firm uni offer and ask in the Clearing, UCAS & Applications forum if you’ve got any doubts.

If uni's not for you, there are plenty of alternatives. Ask a question in our Apprenticeships and Alternatives to University forum.


Two students working on a screen

3. Get up to speed with Clearing and Adjustment

Depending on how your grades go, things can change fast on results day. Our Clearing and Adjustment section can help you be prepared.

If you miss the grades you need for your firm and insurance, your application will be moved into Clearing. Plenty of high-ranking universities were in Clearing last year, so you'll have plenty of options. Make sure you read our guide to Clearing so you can be ready whatever happens.

You can also sign up for Clearing email alerts so that universities can contact you about course places that will interest you. 

Your results might go the other way and be much better than you expected. In this case, you could be eligible for Adjustment. This is where you can find a place at a potentially better university; read our guide to Adjustment to see if this might be right for you.

4. Chat in the official results day thread

Buzzing for results day? Feeling the nerves? You’re not alone – our official A-level results thread is constantly busy throughout the run-up to results day. Join in the chat and get support and advice from uni students, other A-level students and the rest of the TSR community.

Piggy bank with mortar board

5. Get answers to your student finance questions

For questions about your Student Finance application, ask Student Finance England (SFE) in its official forum. SFE has advisers on TSR several times a week, so you can be sure of getting an individual response to your question. For more general advice, make a thread in the student financial support forum.

6. Get ready for life at university

Once you're offered your place at uni, you don't have much time to get everything sorted for the start of term. Our Freshers section has advice on what you need to do before you go (and once you get there) so you're totally prepped.

11 things you must do before Freshers Week is a good place to start, and don't miss our massive what to take to uni checklist. It's got everything you need to think about before you get packing.

Finally, don't forget to find your uni forum. Here you'll find threads for freshers as well as lots of local knowledge on where you're soon going to be living. 

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