Five essential ways to prepare for GCSE results day

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It’s natural to feel nervous about GCSE results day...

Not to mention a little (or very) excited depending on how you feel your exams have gone. 

So that you can focus on enjoying your well-earned rest over the summer, we’ve pulled together a quick list to ensure you're prepared for your big day.

1. Check out our GCSE results advice pages

There's something for everyone on The Student Room's 2022 exam results hub. And here's advice on what to do if you're stressed about results day and a guide to understanding your GCSE results day slip.

The chances are that if your older brother or sister has already completed their GCSEs, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when collecting your GCSE results. However, it’s still definitely worth having a quick read over to make sure you have everything straight in your head. 

2. Know what to expect on GCSE results day

Our guide to what to expect on GCSE results day is a must-read for you, your friends, parents – even your granny! After reading this you’ll be ready to deal with anything and your friends and family will be clued up enough to support you, too. 

Read this guide and make a plan for how you want your GCSE results day to play out. Will you want to walk to school alone or go with friends? Jump in the car with your folks perhaps?

If you have a holiday planned, either speak to your school to arrange for your results to be emailed to you instead or let your school know that someone else will be picking up your results for you.

3. Get clued up on GCSE grade boundaries

We have written about how grade boundaries work here. In summary, grade boundaries consider the overall performance of your year; they reflect whether or not, as a whole, students who sat the exam found it difficult or easy, or rather average.

This means that if the majority found the paper very difficult, as indicated by fewer correct answers, grade boundaries are likely to be lower. On the other hand, they will often be higher if most students scored highly, indicating the exam was easier. 

Grade boundaries differ year on year to ensure everyone receives a fair grade. 

4. Seek advice on resits

Right now this is something that you probably don’t want to think about and hopefully you’ll never need to. But if you are feeling a little wobbly over how you think your exams went, have a read of our GCSE results day guidance to help you feel more prepared and in control.

Then on results day, if you're not happy with your results, you’ll feel a little more sure of yourself when it comes to talking to your teachers about your options.

5. Decide what comes next

We've got a big article that outlines your options after GCSEs.

If you want to follow an academic route, A-levels or the International Baccalaureate are popular choices.

But you might instead choose vocational routes, such at Btec, NVQ, T-level or an apprenticeship

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