The eight stages of GCSE AQA biology unit 1

A biology exam biology in it? Yep, you just experienced AQA Biology Unit 1. But hang in there - you weren't the only one confused... 

1. Where's the biology?

Opening up your exam and seeing snails, drunk rats and independent businesses #AQABiology @ErynJBurns

2. Am I in the right exam...?


When the biology exam is about teenagers and rats getting drunk but you revised actual biology instead #aqabiology

3. I revised actual biology, you know?


realising you've just wasted the last two years learning the carbon cycle,IVF and hormones for no reason #aqabiology

4. Did I miss the boozy rodent lesson?


Since when were alcoholic rats to do w biology???#aqabiology

5. Hang on...independent companies...?


When you start off with drugs and then get hit with business studies #aqabiology

6. Time for a rethink...


7. Finally - a happy ending


I was about to give up and then the six marker was on healthy diet #aqabiology

8. Planning for the next exam


I need to start revising about stoned hydrocarbons and drunk atoms for Thursday if I wanna pass ?#aqabiology