What happens on IB results day

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First of all, congratulations!

Whatever the result, you’ve survived the International Baccalaureate and that’s no mean feat. Now, you’ve just got to get the results. The wait can feel long, but the big day is almost here.

IB results are released on Thursday 7 July 2022.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to prepare and what to expect on IB results day 2022.

What to do on IB results day

1. Find your PIN and personal code that your IB programme coordinator will have given you earlier in the year. It's also a good idea to get the admissions numbers for your firm and insurance choice universities. That way, you're prepared if things don't go to plan.

2. Find out what time your results are released. This is done on a rolling basis based on time zones, basically so the website doesn't collapse under the weight of thousands of students all logging on at the same time. It usually falls around 2pm for the UK. Remember, good things come to those who wait!

3. To get your results, go to the IB candidates website and enter the information you've been given by your IB coordinator. You can be doubly prepared by logging in about 30 minutes before and refreshing the page frequently, just so you know you're definitely in.

Schools receive the results in advance and can issue them on paper if they wish.

What to do if you've met your offer

4. If you have met your conditional offer – congratulations, you can start planning for university life! You don't need to do anything now until your university contacts you.

Ucas will update when the IBO sends your grades to them, which should take two to five days. If your offer hasn’t changed to unconditional after a week, consider emailing the admissions team.

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What to do if you've missed your offer

5. If you've missed your firm offer, don’t panic. First, call the university. As fewer people do the IB in the UK, you should be able to get through quite quickly. Have your Ucas ID ready for when you call them and see what they say. If your firm is still happy to take you, congratulations, you’re in!

6. The university might instead ask you to call back on A-level results day when they will be in a position to confirm. Unfortunately this will mean more waiting. You can turn this into an advantage by looking into other options that may be available through Clearing. This will provide you with the opportunity to be more prepared and approach the situation with a more level head in August. If worst comes to worst, you’re still got your insurance.

7. If you missed both your firm and your insurance, the same still applies. You should call your firm and insurance and see what they say. However, if you've missed both, look into the options available to you in Clearing. Clearing vacancies are advertised from the beginning of July, and if you’re willing to be flexible on your uni and course then it's very likely you'll find a place.

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8. You should also consider calling your IB programme coordinator from school and see how close you are to the grade boundaries. If you’re close, you may want to consider going for a remark.

9. If you've been told to, you can call your unis back on A-level results day. Again, have your Ucas ID at the ready to speed up the process. If your firm choice is happy to take you, brilliant! If not, call your insurance and see what they say. If they’re happy to take you, congratulations, it might not have been your top choice but there is no reason why you won’t end up loving being there. Maybe it’ll be a case of everything happens for a reason.

10. If your firm and insurance both reject you, call up your Clearing choices. You will have had time to compile the courses and universities you like from Clearing over summer, so give them a call, and see what they say.

11. Taking a gap year and trying again in 12 months is another sensible route to take. There is plenty of time for university, one year later is going to make very little difference in the grand scheme of things. This applies for those who want to take resits in either November 2022 or May 2023 and for those who have greatly exceeded their predictions and may want to go to a different university.

Whatever happens, good luck for IB results day! If you've got any more questions, head over to our dedicated IB forum where there will be plenty of people who can help.

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