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If you've not got the grades you wanted in your IB exams, you might decide to retake

The May 2020 IB exams were cancelled because of the coronavirus lockdown, and instead students will be “awarded either a diploma or a course certificate which reflects their standard of work,” the IB says.

This grade will be “based around the students’ coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigour and quality control already built into the programmes.”

You might be unhappy with the grade you are given – maybe you think you could do better and retaking your exams in another session might give you a chance to perform to your full potential.

Or maybe you missed out on your ideal university offer. Combining retakes with a gap year could give you the chance to improve your grades and get the uni place you really wanted.

If you do decide to register for the next session after the cancelled May 2020 session, you can retake papers in the November 2020 exam session or the following May.

“At this time, we believe the November 2020 exam session will proceed as scheduled... If current May session students would like to sit exams in the November session, if their subjects are available, we would welcome it,” the IB website says.

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Before deciding to retake any of your exams

Before you register for resits, talk to your IB programme coordinator about your situation. They'll be best placed to advise you on whether retakes are the best idea for you. 

Retaking an IB subject is not a small decision. You're going to have to dedicate just as much time, preparation and motivation as before (if not more), so make sure you're confident you ready and willing to follow through on that commitment.

Registering for the November IB exam session 2020

The final date for registering for the November session is 15 July 2020. You should contact your IB programme coordinator in order to register for the next session.

The deadline to request a deferral from May 2020 to November 2020 was 29 May 2020.

The deadline to register a six-month retake for the November 2020 session is 31 August 2020.

The deadline to register for the subjects that have been newly added to the November 2020 session is 31 August 2020.

You can find regular updates on the November 2020 exam session and coronavirus-related information on the IB website here.

For more information, ask any questions you have in our dedicated IB forum

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