Making the perfect results day jump

Results day, the one day of the year when photographers all over the country are struck with the same divine inspiration. Prepare to be inundated with pictures of leaping students all over the news and the internet. 

If you've ever looked longingly at smiling faces on the front page of your local newspaper, wishing you were them, never fear. This year it could be your time to brush with fame with your own celebration jump! 

We attempted our own jump here at TSR towers so we're now fully ready to give some key insider tips to nailing that celebratory leap which will get you straight to the front page. 

TSR Jump

Remember the idea is project yourself directly upwards into the air via the use of your legs. You're not supposed to be trying to kick your friend in the back (man in white t-shirt), even if they did get better grades than you and are acting smug about it. 

If the photo wasn't inspiring enough already, we've come up with the ultimate guide to making your jump unique, creative and original. Read on. 

Face the camera

Yes, A-level results day may feel like taking an uncertain leap in to the future, but hold up on the existential angst for now. Results day photos need to be happy, hopeful and express joy for the future. To get that front page photo you'll need to make sure you're all facing the camera. 

Backwards Jump

...and make sure you're the ones doing the jumping!

This may be a little confusing at first, but with some practice you will get it right. The person holding the camera needs to remain still, while the people showing off their results need to jump, otherwise you'll end up with this: 

Photographer Jumps

Not quite what you're going for, unless you're trying to make a deeper artistic point by subverting the roles in the traditional results day jump photograph and what it signifies, playing with our expectations, challenging our pre-conceptions, and revealing what it really means to be a student graduating college. In which case carry on. 

Get big air with a high jump

A well-timed knee bend will ensure you achieve extra impact.

High Jump

...but not too high

You really want to hit the sweet spot between "just off the floor" and "in the stratosphere". If you go too high you'll end up floating awkwardly out of shot like a spooky headless results day horseman. 

Jump too high

Use your results as a prop

Don't leave that paper flapping awkwardly in your hand, use it to express yourself. 

Results Jump

Throw some shapes

Creating letters could really make your photo stand out. There's definitely an 'F' and maybe a 'C' in this example. 

Making shapes

Dare to be different

Let's face it, simple up-and-down trajectories are passe and overdone. Time to take it to the next level.

Flip Jump

Outdo the competition

The ones on the left aren't trying hard enough!

Strike a Pose

Make the teacher look awkward

Non-jumping teacher? Leave them awkwardly standing front-of-shot.

Make the teacher look awkward

Now you're all set, share your own results day jumps in the comments. Instant fame awaits


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