5 ways to stop procrastinating right now!

Enough with the time-wasting already...

So. You've tidied your entire room. You've made the world's most detailed revision plan. You've even offered to help your dad clear out the garage - and he's said no. You're finally ready to start revising. 

Then you remember you haven't gone back to 2013 on your own facebook to cringe over posts you made. Or maybe you should make yourself another cup of tea? 

STOP. It's time to stop procrastinating and just get on with it. We've got 5 ways you can get yourself to focus on studying and exams, and slay the procrastination beast

Remind yourself of your goals

Whether it's the uni you want to go to, the exam results you want, or the holiday you've got planned for after your exams, keep reminding yourself of the feeling you'll get when you reach your goals. It'll help keep you motivated.

If you put the work in now, I cannot express how happy you will be on results day. I put the work in and came out with really high results. While everyone around me was crying because they didn't do as well as they wanted to because they didn't work as hard as they should have, I was in the corner crying because I was ecstatic - BeaRichards

Set yourself targets

Make yourself a to do list, and include even the tiniest things you need to do so you can tick more stuff off. Making sure you know what you need to achieve in each session, and then being able to put a big tick next to it when it's finished will fill you with satisfaction. 

It helps to create a list of what you need to do. Start with the smaller things to do then get to the bigger tasks. Do a small task then a big task and then a small task again. It might be easier. Don't spend too much time on the list either - imgc955

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Make studying as interesting as you can

Music, working with friends, colour-coding your notes and flashcards - who said revision has to be boring?! Do make sure to mix up your revision methods and your environment, so you don't have to slip into procrastination to keep yourself entertained. 

If you're into notes and things looking pretty/nice, I highly recommend having a look through Pinterest for study motivation, or even videos on Youtube. Watching other people study, or looking at really nice notes makes me want to study and also make nice notes - Stemmery

Make your study space somewhere you actually want to study. I used to hate my work space, it was so boring and empty. But I dressed it up! I cleaned my dressing table to use as a desk, printed off some motivational quotes, bought a tiny cactus and a candle. Now I have a space that I LOVE being in! It makes me want to study because I'm in such a happy mood around my desk - BeaRichards

Put that phone away

Cut out distractions

Phone? News? Just being at home? TSR even? Take those distractions away while you’re working and use them as rewards. Turn off your phone and stash it in your underwear drawer so you aren't distracted by texts, calls and Facebook notifications. 

Change the area you're working in - head to the library or a coffee shop. Or use one of those website blockers to block websites that distract you for a certain amount of time so you can't use them to procrastinate - Stemmery

What do you procrastinate with/on? Take whatever it is out of your life for a while. if it’s your phone, get a parent/sibling to take it off you while you revise then return it to you again in breaks and repeat the process - Black Rose

Reward yourself for study

Finally, you've managed to study for 30 minutes straight. You can now reward yourself with a fresh cuppa, stretching your legs, and glancing at your texts. Try and make it a break of only 5 minutes though, as you don't want to fall down your procrastination hole after doing so well...

Make a reward system for yourself. When I've done my hours I can watch Netflix. And the fact that I'm going to get to go on my phone after a revision session pushes me through it - InsomniaticDream


What do you find yourself doing to procrastinate? And what do you do to stop it and actually crack on with some work?


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