Students react to A-level Chemistry Paper 2 2022

Olive oil

"Oil be back"

It’s not easy being an A-level Chemistry student this week, what with two papers to contend with in the space of four days.

But with today’s paper 2 out of the way, the final stretch is in sight. So how did it go today?

Don't forget, you can also head to the forums for more detailed chat about the specific papers. Here's where you can find the links to specific exam chats:

And this is where you can find the link to the directory of all of the individual A-level exam threads.


Exam board AQA has now started an investigation into whether its paper was leaked before the exam took place. The article you're reading simply covers student reaction to the questions in paper 2. For AQA's statement on the potential leak, as well as regular updates on the story, check this thread.


Two papers in a week has got people on edge

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Seemed like the exam setter has been getting into Italian cooking

We’ve all been here

Yep, and here...

Not feeling that NMR six marker? You’re not alone…

But maybe just one question on spectroscopy would be OK. Oh…

Time for a back-up plan…