Students react to A-level History Paper 3 2022

horrible histories

Who knew history could be so horrible?

That's it, A-level History is now a thing of the past. But how did everyone get on with paper 3?

Unfortunately, it turns out OCR can really cook up a mean exam. But with A-level History out of the way, some people are planning to rewatch Horrible Histories so they can learn about ‘real’ history instead.

Keep reading for all the latest student reactions and don't forget that you can also head to the forums for more detailed chat about the specific papers. Here's where you can find the links to specific exam chats:

And this is where you can find the link to the directory of all of the individual A-level exam threads.

Some thought it went well...

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...but the exam boards cooked up something nasty

It's time to forget about A-levels and learn about real history