Students react to A-level Psychology Paper 1 2022

Lenny needs therapy and Rory needs to learn how to multitask

A-level Psychology Paper 1 is finished – so how did it go for everybody? 

Lenny’s dating antics got a lot of students talking, while the consensus on Rory is that he needs to either put down the games or figure out how to talk and play at the same time. Read on for all the latest student reactions to the exam. 

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Lots of students were happy with how their Psychology A-level exam went today

And the advance information was particularly appreciated

Lenny’s dating technique, though, totally failed to impress

But even more disturbing than Lenny’s mommy issues – all those 16 markers

Rory chose his games over his grandparents

There were ingenious solutions to the pie chart

And the flat earthers finally had their time to shine