Students react to GCSE English Language Paper 1 2022


It certainly had a sting in its tail…

The first GCSE English Language exam is all done and dusted – phew.

But how did it go for everybody? The AQA English Language GCSE exam definitely kept things interesting with a scorpion battle, although plenty of students reported that they struggled to finish the whole paper. 

Don't forget, you can also head to the forums for more detailed chat about the specific papers. Here's the link to the AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1 exam chat, here's the link to the Edexcel GCSE English Language Paper 1 exam chat and here's the link to the OCR GCSE English Language Communicating information exam chat

And this is where you can find the link to the directory of all of the individual GCSE exam threads.

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Not everybody was feeling totally prepared

And some didn't feel much better after it had finished

The big question for those who took the AQA exam is, are you team Kino or team Juana?

... or team scorpion?

Although even a scorpion battle wasn't enough to keep everybody awake

The image in question five of the AQA exam left lots of students scratching their heads

While the Edexcel English Language exam might have lacked scorpion murders, it was still exciting in its own way

And one thing all the papers have in common, regardless of exam board – there's going to be a loooot of fan fiction

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