Advance information has been released for 2022 GCSE and A-level exams: what is advance information and how can you use it in your revision?

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Advance information is designed to help students focus their revision for the 2022 exams – here’s what you need to know

Students taking GCSEs and A-levels in 2022 can now access details of the topics that will be covered in their exams, after exam boards released a series of 'advance information' documents.

This advance information, which was released on Monday 7 February 2022, is intended to help students manage the disruption to learning caused by the pandemic, exams regulator Ofqual has said. 

It is the first time UK exam boards have released information on the contents of an exam before it is taken.

The type of information you'll be able to find will depend on the subject.

To take a couple of examples, for some subjects there will be “a list of topics that will be the focus of the exam, or parts of it.” For others, the advance information will be a “section of a set work (such as a text), and the extract used in the exam will be taken from this smaller section,” Ofqual said. 

Want to know how to use the advance information? Check out our video:

Has advance information been released for all GCSE and A-level subjects?

Advance information has been released for most subjects, but there are a handful of subjects that will not have advance information.

The subjects that will not have advance information are:

  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE History
  • GCSE Ancient History
  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE Art and Design
  • A-level and AS-level level Art and Design

These subjects have had other adjustments made in place of advance information, such as giving schools a choice of topics to teach students instead. Advance information is not released for art and design subjects because these are not assessed by exam.

Where can I find out more about my exams and the advance information or other adjustments?

To find the advance information for your exams, you should go direct to the website of the exam board. We've added a list of direct links below.

We will also be adding individual articles for specific subjects to help you with using the advance information (scroll down for these). 

Advance information from exam boards:

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