5 ways to clear your brain to prepare it for study

As an already filled glass cannot take any more of the water, similarly, an over-stuffed brain is not likely to imbibe the new thoughts and ideas. To adopt a new way of learning, or to learn new concepts, it is essential to make the brain more receptive. This is possible only when you make a deliberate attempt to give your mind proper space for new inputs.

1. Block those hours when you are at your best for difficult chores

Yes, it can help you in achieving more productivity out of a restricted period of 24 hours. If you feel quite refreshed and full of enthusiasm during the start of the day, it is advisable to complete the most important topics in the first few hours. Menial tasks can be given space during the late hours of the day.

What should you do when you feel low

A. Listen to music

B. Do what you love doing

C. Take a stroll in the garden

D. Indulge in some positive talk

E. Try any physical activity

2. Sleep well to shed the brain off burden

A stressed out mind is vulnerable to mistakes. So, if you want to give your hundred per cent in everything that you do, make it a point to sleep well and get your energy back.

In addition to sleeping well, good diet is also recommended. Avoid those foods that are hard to digest and have nothing to offer to the body or brain in terms of nourishment.

3. Indulge in memory enhancing activities

There are a variety of activities, designed by the psychology experts, that help in enhancing the learning power of the mind. If you take these tests, you will not only have a fun activity at your disposal but also a pretext to sharpen your memory in a better way. Some of these help you know yourself better too.

Quizzes, image association, and many other activities are available in plenty over the internet. You can spend your leisure hour in doing these activities and win yourself the ultimate brain power.

4. Adopt a hobby

Forgetting everything is certainly not possible, but taking mind away from chores is. So, give yourself ample time and space to practise your hobby and freshen up your mind by shifting the focus to something that interests you. It will help you come back to the normal routine of study with better frame of mind.

Brain has its own limitations. So, make it a point to pursue those subjects that actually fall within your strengths. Excelling in the field of interest requires perseverance and you will not find difficult to invest it if you have chosen the subject exactly according to your aptitude. It is worth understanding that nothing can help you if you choose the area of study just to please others. Listen to yourself; and all your organs, including brain, will work positively in the direction of making you the master of your field.

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