Discover how TSR could be the secret to your exam success

Exams are just around the corner (sorry to remind you!) and TSR has tonnes of helpful stuff to get you motivated and organised, but the most valuable information has always come straight from YOU and other like-minded students. 

Exam threads are a great place to discuss how you’re feeling, what you’re revising and get advice from others. They provide crucial support to students all over the country as a place to come and help each other out. 

How to set up your own Exam Thread 

1. Check that your exam thread hasn't already been created: click here for A level or here for GCSE 

2. Go to the correct subject forum ie: if you want to set up a thread for Edexcel English Lit Paper 1: Poetry and Drama, then head to the English Exams forum 

3. Click on the 'post a new thread' button at the top of the page 

4. Call your thread something specific- Try to add in the title of the exam, the exam code and the date 

5. Know some other people studying the same exam? Quote them in! 

6. Shout about it- and let me know about your thread in the A-level exam directory or GCSE exam directory.

TSR needs your help creating as many exam threads as possible, and here are just some reasons why you should set up a thread for your exam… 

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1. To get famous 

Well, on TSR you’ll be famous anyway! And who doesn’t want that? Think of all that lovely rep you’re going to accrue and how many amazing like-minded people you’ll chat to. This is especially true for those of you who set up the more popular exam threads (Any Maths, English or Science related ones are a good place to start). Set up your thread today and see those green gems pile up.  

2. To get all the love 

Here’s just a selection of all the gratitude, kind words and general loveliness thread starters from last year’s exam season got: 

Thank you so much for posting this!


Thank you that's kind of you Do you have any advice on how I can convey my ideas in the short time period we have.


Thank you for the info, I appreciate it! Good luck for the exam!


I'm so glad for this thread, the exam part of A2 history is actually quite difficult, compared to AS at least.


ohmygod THANKYOUUUUU SO MUCH! that photo you attached is great makes so much sense. lifesaver!


3. To be nice 

You don’t have to be a super altruistic person to get a buzz out of helping others. Starting up your own exam thread will give other people who might be struggling a place to come and discuss how they can overcome their hurdles. Just think about how fantastically smug you're going to feel when someone tells you that they've got an A* and they just couldn't have done it without you!

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4. To get help from others

Maybe there’s a module that you didn’t quite get in class or you want to figure out the best exam techniques? There’ll be someone out there who can help you with it. Others will join in your conversation and help you out with any questions you have about the exam, revision techniques or anything else. 


5. To share your wisdom 

These threads are a great place to share any resources you’ve created. You can spread the wisdom while helping others and others can help you by posting up their handy resources. You can make your own resources here on TSR, or upload your own pics or PDFs. 

Once you've set up your exam thread- don't forget to get it into the A- Level Exam Directory Thread Or the GCSE Exam Directory Thread 

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