Eight exam questions you wish were real, and three which actually are

Ever wished you could write your own ridiculously easy exam questions? 

Sometimes you don't need to. Here are eight dream exam questions as created by TSR members - three of which are actually real. 

If only school was always this breezy... 

1)The question concerns three stationary masses: the pencil, ruler and paper. Draw a line. [1]


2)How many planets are there in our solar system? [8]


3)Which of the following is NOT a naturally occurring chemical element? [2]

a) Neon
b) Phosphorus
c) Fried chicken
d) Indium


4)Please write your full name and candidate number on the front of the workbook.

Please note your candidate number and name is printed on the exam insert. [6 +1 mark for quality of written communication]


5)A child plays with stones and leaves them in a line. Describe the process of this rock formation. [2]


6)There are a tray of cookies an oven. There are two dials on the oven: one is the timer, the other adjusts the temperature of the oven.

List two ways to make the cookies browner. [4]


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7)What is our galaxy named? [1]

a) Named after a chocolate bar
b) The Milky Way


8)The exploration of space has cost a lot of money. 

Do you think spending lots of money on space exploration has been a good thing?

Draw a ring around your answer:

Yes ................ No 

Give a reason for your answer. [1]


9)War broke out between the UK and Germany in 1939. The British declared victory in 1945. How many years did the war last? [6]


10)Find the solution of the differential equation , given that y(0)=0. [3]


11)Name the four countries in the UK [2]


Can you guess which questions are real and which are made up? Let us know in the comments. 
If you have any more dream exam questions, share them in the thread here.