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While we were reading through your Grow Your Grades blogs, we noticed that lots of students, no matter what level they were at, were thinking about the same stuff. This is what we found out.

Everyone worries about exams

Although they are still a long way away, lots of people are already worried about their exams, or the content they need to learn for them.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling like this as well – things may seem daunting at first, but learning doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself time, and you’ll get to grips with it. 

AAAH I'm so nervous, I don't want to fail!


Not feeling very confident for the core 3 and the organic chemistry mocks tomorrow, but they're only mocks and I'll learn from my mistakes.


I feel like there is a strong possibility I'll mess up? Like imagine just working your socks off to just fall to pieces at the end.


Everyone needs to set goals

It's a good idea to set both long-term and short-term goals for yourself.

A long-term goal could be to get into your dream university, but without short-term goals it can feel impossible to achieve. Setting yourself a few smaller goals each day gives you something realistic to aim for and tick off your to-do list.

I’m aiming for all 9s, which I’m not at all expecting, but my theory is that if I work for that, I’ll do better than I would if aiming lower.


I'm aiming to get a 1st again this year, although will be hard to improve on last year, I want to maintain my level at least! For programming, I also want to get to a good enough stage of Java, that is successfully complete a couple of projects for myself! 


Everyone takes breaks now and then

Lots of students feel like they should be studying 24/7, but this just isn’t possible.

Give yourself breaks, and celebrate when you complete your goals instead of heaping even more work on your plate.

I'd say split every day into two subjects a day (or one subject in detail for one day, and two the next).

If you're confident that you'll be consistent and active, then I'd also say leave one day a week where you chill and have fun, maybe an hour of casual revision broken up?


My to-do list for college is currently empty!! Now watch that be ruined tomorrow lol. Oh well, a good way to end a Sunday night. 
Current Goals 


After a fairly unproductive weekend in which I spent both Friday and Saturday night clubbing due to my recent possessed legal rights and thus feeling sick on both days after, I did not get much work done.


Take on these wise words from previous Grow Your Grades winner, brainzistheword: 

I'd highly recommend that people plan their time, and I do this on a more specific level in a diary. Even if you don't plan every task to the minute, it is nice to see when you are busy and what is coming up in your day, as well as where you can fit in an extra 10 minutes study or meet up with your friends because you didn't realise you were free.


Everyone tries to stay positive 

Celebrate your small victories to keep your motivation up.

I need to get my head around the fact that I cannot get an A* in every subject overnight, it takes time. All I can do currently on tests is try and do as well as I can. I need to try and get ahead of homework, so I have time to revise for tests.


I'm quite satisfied at the amount of workload I achieved today! Two more days until mock examinations begin! 


Everyone is starting to think about exams 

They’re still ages away, but it might be a good idea to start thinking about doing things like consolidating your notes, seeing where your weak spots are, and filling in any gaps in your learning. 

Here are four ways to get started without having to do much at all.

Throughout the year, just do lil recaps of everything you've done. It makes revision a lot easier when you need to do an exam.


After a class, I get out my highlighters and highlight the information in the notes according to the colour code I used with my sticky notes in the first stage. (ie green for formulas, pink for definitions etc). This helps keep everything organised so it's easier when it comes to revision.


I just revise by making mind-maps and cue cards for each topic and kind of teaching myself by reading it out to myself. I also test recall on certain areas and have to write down each steps for a certain process without looking at my notes (and I keep repeating it until I get everything right).


What are you doing right now? Are you worried about exams?

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