How to make great notes for revision

Virtually every student has to make notes - during class, from books and, crucially, for revision. But how do you make great notes? Here is a simple guide to making notes that actually help you learn.

Why make revision notes?

Making notes is the first stage of revision for many students. Notes provide the raw material to revise from and act as the foundation for checking what you know and identifying your knowledge gaps. And the process of collecting all your resources together and creating the notes actually helps you learn.

Tips for making great revision notes 

  • Most students find notes easier to learn from if they’re colourful with diagrams and key points in bold or highlighted.
  • Make revision notes quite detailed and then reduce the key information onto flashcards to memorise.
  • Use headings and sub-headings so you can see how the information fits together.
  • Try to avoid writing absolutely everything. Think how you might identify key points. Use abbreviations wherever you can.
  • Use your notes to help you find out what you do and don’t know. Cover up one section and see how much you remember. Or create a column on the left of the page with headings. See how much you can remember on each heading without looking at the main notes.

How the The Student Room community make revision notes

I think it's better if everyone makes their own notes as you actually learn while making the notes.


When making revision notes I always write a few bullet points over the main point. I then write more on the things I know I forget. If possible I draw small diagrams. Three of my textbook pages end up as a single sheet of revision notes.


Everything has to look colourful and nice or I'd refuse to even look at it. I make sure my notes are in as much detail as possible – without overdoing it. The little details get you marks.


Creating revision notes online

Creating your revision notes online means you won’t lose them and it’s easy to add all the colours and highlighting that make them memorable.

You can even test yourself online – just choose a set of notes, select 'Test yourself' and we'll remove keywords leaving you to put them back in the right place.You can test yourself in the same way with revision cards.

Create a set of revision notes now

Finding ready-made revision notes

If you’re looking for revision notes to use, there are thousands of detailed sets covering every subject in our Resource Library. Many are teacher recommended so you can feel confident about using them.

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